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What do outdated jokes and GIFs have in common? Both can help you lighten the conversation. Learn how to use outdated jokes effectively in your conversations with friends, and why they can be still be used to entertain viewers. Discover the functional advantages of these old-fashioned jokes and make your conversations more interesting.

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Best Short Outdated Jokes

These are our top outdated puns. Have fun with a good outdated joke in English with simple outdated humour.

  1. I asked my Granddaughter to hand me the newspaper. She told me newspapers are outdated, and everyone now uses tablets, so she handed me her iPad. That Fly didn't stand a chance.
  2. I found a recipe from Morocco for homemade dinner rolls. It called for fresh thyme but mine was outdated. I used it anyways. You know, as I reminisce, I really like that old thyme moroccan roll.
  3. Yo mama jokes are classics They're kinda outdated, yet still enjoyed by many.
    Just like yo mama.
  4. You know, garbage man as a job title is a little sexist and outdated. We should call them garbage people instead.
  5. It's the Month of Ramadan and we had remaining dates from last year but we can't use them this year. They're Outdated.
  6. Titanic jokes aren't funny anymore. They're so old and outdated. That ship has sailed a long time ago.
  7. There's only one thing I hate more than outdated references and racism... ....The "I have a Dream" speech.
  8. A 2007 study showed that for high school students graduating in the US, 4/3 did not know how to properly use fractions. It might be an outdated study though.
  9. Hey did you hear about this new Netflix series? About a one-armed chef who creates food that tastes like it's already old and outdated. I think it's called "The Hand Made Stale"
  10. What do you call an outdated joke that, while sharp, has little potential for laughs? I used to know, but then I took an arrow to the knee
Outdated joke, What do you call an outdated joke that, while sharp, has little potential for laughs?

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Outdated One Liners

Which outdated dad jokes are funny enough to crack down and make fun with outdated?

  1. Garden shears will never be outdated. After all, it's cutting-hedge technology.
  2. What do you call outdated memes? Memeries
  3. kindness is like a boomerang Outdated.
  4. What does black people and Deutsche Mark have in common? Both are outdated currency.
  5. 'Mailman' is so outdated... I prefer using the term 'of the mail persuasion.'
  6. What do you call a couple of black people in a barn? Outdated working equipment.
  7. What do you have if there's skeletons in your shed? Outdated farming equipment.
  8. Why are LG phones outdated? Because they're missing the BTQ+
  9. (Offensive Warning) What do you call a deceased black person? Outdated farm equipment
  10. How do you call a barn full of dead black people? Outdated farm equipment
  11. My mom just told me all my memes are outdated rt if u cri evrytiem
  12. Now that it's completely passé and outdated, Hipstamatic is authentically retro.

Outdated joke, Now that it's completely passé and outdated, Hipstamatic is authentically retro.

Ridiculous Outdated Jokes to Spark Fun and Laughter

What funny jokes about outdated to tell and make people laugh ? Check out these list of good jokes that will for sure put a smile on everyones mouth and help make outdated prank.

Vladimir Putin was being briefed by one of his top generals.

"I've good news and bad news for you this morning, sir."
"Let's hear the good news," the president replied.
"Intelligence reports indicate that the latest additions to the Ukranian arsenal are damaged and outdated, and many won't pose any threat to us at all."
"That's excellent! Finally, things might be starting to turn our way! What's the bad the news?"
The general shifted in his seat and looked down at the table. "A large amount of our best weapons and munitions have just been captured, sir."

The term 'Grammar n**...' is outdated and offensive...

...we prefer to be called the Alt-Write

Request: Jokes for my five year old son

My son is starting to get into jokes and it's surprisingly difficult to find joke books that are appropriate for his age. Most recycle old jokes with outdated references that he doesn't even understand. Some of the references are so musty I don't even get them. Does anyone have good jokes/riddles I can pass along?

Daddy, is god a Man or a Woman?

Father: God is both.
Boy: Is God Black or White?
Father: God is both.
Boy: Daddy, is Michael Jackson God?
*Note* I know this joke is outdated, but a very close friend told it to me a couple years ago and as she recently passed away, I'm posting it here so people can know she was awesome.

8 letter word for the somewhat-outdated practice by male prisoners of giving their female co-criminals first pick at the bootleg weapons?


Outdated joke, What does black people and Deutsche Mark have in common?

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