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The Best Orphans Puns

I made a website for orphans.

Unfortunately it doesn't have a home page.

Who isn't allowed to watch PG movies?


I have designed a website for orphans

there isn't a home page

Q: Why can't orphans play baseball?

A: Because they don't know where home is.

Why are orphans bad at poker?

Because they don't know what a full house is

Why don't orphans get offended by dark humor?

Because it can't hit home

I made a website for orphans

It doesn't have a home page

What is an orphans favorite beer?


Why are orphans so bad at baseball?

They don't know where home is.

Where did the orphans go after the Orphanage blew up?


what kind of flour do orphans use?


Why are orphans terrible at baseball?

They've never known what home is.

Why do orphans like playing tennis?

It's the only love they'll ever get.

Why do orphans love boomerangs?

Because they actually come back.

The Spanish national soccer team visited an orphanage in Brazil today

"It was hard to see their sad and hopeless faces", said one of the orphans

Why are orphans bad at baseball?

They have no idea where home is.

Why do orphans like tennis?

Only place they can get love

The Argentina team visited an orphanage in Russia

- It breaks my heart to see those poor eyes filled with sadness and hopelessness..

said one of the orphans.

Why are orphans bad at baseball?

Because they can never find home

I got my dog from an orphanage like, two years ago.

Those orphans STILL hold a grudge.

Why don't orphans play hide and seek?

Because no one will look for them.

Why did most orphans become prostitutes?

Because they wanted a daddy.

How many dead orphans does it take to change a lightbulb?

Obviously more than 10, cause it's still pretty dark in my basement.

What movie is universally loved by all orphans in England?

The Mummy Returns.

For orphans ..

every bag of chips is familly sized

I made a website for orphans

Sadly I forgot to add a home page

If this has been done before then sorry

Somewhere in Africa...

a bunch of orphans are about to be running around in confederate flag shirts.

I'm baking cookies for a charity for orphans

I made sure to use self-raising flour.

Why do I only date orphans?

They never have daddy issues.

Why were the orphans thrown out of the restaunt

Because it Was a family restraunt

What do orphans use to bake?

Self-raising bread.

Why are there so many French orphans in the fruit isle of the grocery store?

Because they are all looking for their père

I just made a new website for orphans.

There isn't a homepage.

Why can't orphans use any web browsers effectively?

Because they can't access any of the homepages.

You can never get in trouble for bullying orphans

What are they gonna do?
Tell their parents?

Why can you bully orphans?

What are they gonna do, tell their parents?

Why do orphans hate Fast and Furious?

Cuz family's important


What they are without is apparent

How many orphans does it take to paint a house?

It depends on how hard you SLAM them against the walls

I have a lot of jokes about orphans...

I'm just afraid most of them won't hit home.

Why are orphans so easy to bully?

They can't tell their parents.

Can orphans...

eat at a family restaurant?

Say what you will about pedophiles but...

They always support orphans, the always drive slow in school zones, they always donate to schools, they always help with homework.

My Grandfathers joke is so appropriate today. "Do you know where they send all the baby chickens that are orphans and have nowhere else to go?"

Well of course they send them to Foster Farms!

What childhood game are orphans not aloud to play?


Where do orphans go to find new parents?

The mom n pop store

A Catholic priest hears that a bus full of orphans is found. What does he say?

Let us prey.

I enjoy beating up orphans

What are they going to do? Tell their parents?

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