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Last Names.

It's commonly known that a lot of last names originate from an ancestor's profession, or what they were known for, hundreds of years ago.
If your last name is Smith, it's likely one of your ancestors was a blacksmith.
If your last name is Cooper, they may have been a cooper, who were known for making barrels.
If your last name is Dickinson I wouldn't delve too deep into your family history.


Where did the practice of bukake originate?

It comes from all over.


"It's not you, it's me"

The saying "It's not you, it's me" actually originates from chinese families looking through family photo albums.


Q: What US state did ISIS originate in?

A: Caliphornia


Where did the phrase Give it to me straight, Doc originate from?

A proctologist's office


From what era did the hybrid Tyranasaur originate from?

The Prius-storic period!


Which country did Sushi originate from?



Where's germ originate from?



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