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Hear about the oriental tailor that got arrested for being too arrogant with his customers?

He was always feeling cocky.

Girl you are like a fine oriental rug...'d look great on hardwood.

You might be a redneck

If you think "Pearl Jam" is an oriental sex act

Oriental joke, You might be a redneck

A dyslexic messed up the sign to a whorehouse. It sounded like a furniture store...

The sign read, "Oriental Rugs and Tubs".

Oriental Rugs and Tubs...

could be a furniture store or a dyslexic whorehouse.

So I released a new cook book in the oriental side of town.

It's called *101 ways to wok your dog*

If I ever become a DJ, my name will be DJ Oriental Immigrant

Because I lay down sick tracks

Oriental joke, If I ever become a DJ, my name will be DJ Oriental Immigrant

What happens if you spin an oriental person around really fast for an extended period of time?

They become disoriented.

What's the difference between a lobster and an oriental woman run over by a steamroller?

One's a crustacean and the other a crushed Asian.

What are the three "O"s of bad driving?




If you make an oriental dizzy....

does he become disoriented?

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How often does an oriental farmer milk his cows?


I have a friend who rarely shows up to dinner dates but when he does only eats battered oriental prawns.

He's Tempura mental.

Apparently Cadbury's are making an oriental chocolate bar

I reckon it's just a Chinese whisper

What happens when you spin an oriental around?

They get disoriented.

What do you call Oriental pilots of the Galactic Empire?

Thai Fighters.

Oriental joke, What do you call Oriental pilots of the Galactic Empire?

Rumour has it Cadbury are bringing out an Oriental chocolate bar.

It could be a Chinese Wispa.

I Heard Cadbury Are going to Make An Oriental Chocolate Bar

But it could just be a Chinese whisper

If you spun an Oriental guy around and round...

Would he become _disoriented?_

What do you call an oriental crab?

A Crust-Asian

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