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What's the difference between Trump and a single cell organism? l.

Single cell organisms have a wall

Fun guy helping daughter prep for her science test

Last night I pulled a classic dad joke on my daughter. Normally this would make anyone groan but because my daughter is cool like me she loved it.

We were studying for her science vocabulary test. When we came to the word organism

she said:
Any living thing. Like an animal, plant or fungi

I said:
You know people think I'm a fun guy (fungi)

(Pause) she looks at me….

Oh I get it! then we laugh as she explains the joke I made. She's 9.

Classic… My daughter is going to make a great dad one day…

When two organisms mutually benefit, it's called "symbiosis"

When only one organism benefits, it's called "parasitism." When neither benefits, that's called "marriage."

How do you transport a multi-celled organism?


I never really understood the hype about having two cell phones

I guess you could say I'm a single celled organism

Scientists say the world's largest organism is slowly being eaten

But I didn't see any bite marks on your mom

Amoeba Joke

Person One: What's the difference between you and an amoeba?

Person Two: What?

Person One: A comma.

Person Two: ?

Person One: An amoeba is a single-celled organism with no brain.

You are a single, celled organism with no brain.

What's wrong with the one celled organism?

It has a split-personality!

My piano has started evolving pipes.

I think it's a new organism.

What do you get if you combine 2000 Tunas?

T2000 Cybernetic organism.

Did you know that the largest living organism is a fungus?

I bet it needs much room.

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Why is the Botfly so good at sex?

It always gives you an organism.

for an organism to be classified as a mammal, they have to have hair and produce milk

by that logic, a coconut is a mammal

So scientists have found the largest living organism lives in Oregon.

My mom could of at least told me herself she was moving to Oregon.

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