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Halloween in Jamaica

It's Halloween in Jamaica and some friends are organising a costume party. Everyone's told that the theme of the party is Moods and Feelings.

One the night itself, there's a knock on the door and when the host opens it, standing on the porch are two guys, completely naked, except for the fact that one guy has his cock buried inside a pear and the other is balls deep in a bowl of custard.

The host looks at them before asking, "Guys, what the fuck have you come dressed as??"

One of the guys smiles and says "Mon, I've come in Despair and he's fucking Disgusted"


I'm organising an charity...

...event in my town next weekend , we're gonna be in the Community Centre from 1 - 5 pm. There's gonna be a raffle & guest speaker & all the proceeds are in the name of erectile/ ejaculation dysfunction syndrome.

So please let me know if you cant come.


Organising an event for people who can't ejaculate

Let me know if you can't come


The Women's March is organising a strike day where women won't do anything

Thank god I know how to make sandwiches


I'm organising a debate to decide which member of U2 is the best.

I'm doing it completely pro bono


I'm organising an event to help raise awareness of male sexual dysfunction, particularly a failure to climax.

If you can't come, let me know.


Organising a charity event for people that are unable to orgasm.

Let me know if you can't cum.


Jeans for genes today.....

Next week I'm organising a haemophiliacs fundraiser :

Culottes for clots


I'm organising a fundraiser concert for those who are unable to reach full orgasm

If you can't come, let me know.


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