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You've got to hand it to Trump, he defeated ISIS...

...they gave up operations after Trump shows he can kill more Americans than they ever could.

When I was a kid I pretended I was doing surgery on a stuffed animal inside a blanket fort

I guess you could say they were undercover operations

After rounds of extensive life saving operations, I asked my nurse if she'd visit me when I finally get out.

She told me she doesn't like cemeteries.

Operations joke, After rounds of extensive life saving operations, I asked my nurse if she'd visit me when I finally

Have you heard of the secret society of math teachers?

It's called The Order of Operations.

Why do brain surgeons begin operations early?

So they can work ahead

What do you call a robot doctor that performs sex change operations?

A trans-former.

Just heard NASA shutdown operations to the Mars rover.

Wasted opportunity!

Operations joke, Just heard NASA shutdown operations to the Mars rover.

How do you call a trans person who did a roundtrip with the operations?

A trans former

A bar which does hip replacement operations recently opened near to me,

Critics are saying its the new hip place to be.

Surgical operations

When you get your tonsils removed: tonsillectomy
When you have your appendix removed: appendicectomy
When a woman has a sex change: addadictomy

Who authorizes all U.S. naval special operations?

The SEAL of approval.

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Why should I excuse your dear aunt Sally?

Her operations were not unprecedented.

An infamous doctor was known for rushing operations.

People asked him why he did things so quickly, and he said: "If I didn't, I wouldn't be doctor...

I would be patient."

Our President of Operations at work has a bright future with the city

He is exceptional at garbage management

So Magic Johnson is now the President of Basketball Operations for the Lakers...

And apparently it was out of line for me to ask if he is running it on his own or if he has aids.

Night Time Espionage

Q: What's another name for Night Time Espionage Operations done via the computer?

A: Nocturnal E-missions

Operations joke, Night Time Espionage

How do you steal something you really want?

Covet operations

Our school PE teacher left to become a tree surgeon...

Something about operations on a yew tree

Is it better to have both cataracts removed at the same time

Is it better to have both cataracts removed at the same time or wait a few weeks between operations?

We need a double blind study.

Despite threatening tweets from Donald Trump, Kraft Foods is moving their operations to Israel.

A company name change is also in order. They will henceforth be called Cheeses of Nazareth.

How did the mathematician propose to his girlfriend?

He gave her the integers with operations of addition and multiplication.

You know they've had sex change operations for men for a while now, right?

Well they just recently started offering sex change operations for women, too.

It's called the "addadictomy".

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