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Funniest Oops Short Jokes

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  1. I'm giving up drinking, for a month. *(oops, incorrect punctuation)*
    I'm giving up. Drinking for a month.
  2. TIL in 1974 Russians accidentally blew up their own submarine, thinking it was an enemy Oops, wrong sub
  3. I really think hillary clinton will be the first f president Oops. I meant female but the emale got deleted
  4. I kept pulling the string from my Christmas hat and now its half the size Oops, wrong thread
  5. According to my sewing instructor, I'm easily the worse student She's ever had.. Oops... sorry, wrong thread.
  6. AMA: I am a submarine naval commander discharged for friendly fire in an underwater sea battle Oops, wrong sub.
  7. TIL that the U.S. almost declared war against Russia by thinking that an allied underwater warship on their radar belonged to Russia... Oops...wrong sub
  8. BREAKING - The Russian Navy has released a statement after accidentally sinking one of it's own submarines Oops, wrong sub.
  9. To the guy that's bad at building fences... Oops, wrong place for this post.
    Figured i'd put it in the right place and re-post it for you.
  10. Oops.. My ex got into a bad accident recently. I told the doctors the wrong blood type. Now she will really know what rejection feels like.

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Oops One Liners

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  1. I'm having a lot of difficulty with knitting Oops, wrong thread.
  2. What's the most terrifying word in nuclear physics ? Oops.
  3. A bar walks into Albert Einstein. Oops, wrong frame of reference.
  4. TIFU by eating my coworkers sandwich instead of mine. oops wrong sub.
  5. I got asked out by 15 different women today Oops, wrong restroom...
  6. The Beatles all walk into an orange underwater vehicle Oops, wrong sub
  7. TIFU By Eating My Boss's Sandwich Oops wrong sub.
  8. Today i made a mistake while sewing. Oops, wrong thread.
  9. im giving up alcohol for a month Oops, I meant "I'm giving up; alcohol for a month!"
  10. People call me the most disoriented U-boat captain of the 20th century... Oops wrong sub.
  11. So I married way too young... Oops, she spells it Wei Tu Yung
  12. What did the gay guy say while parking? Wow, I'm not straight at all...
  13. Take her down to 3000 feet below sea level... ...oops, wrong sub.
  14. The results of the election are in! Oops, sorry, that info is only for us Russians.
  15. People tell me that I'm a bad knitter oops, wrong thread

Oops All Jokes

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  • What did the Indian boy say to his mom when he left for school? Bombay!
    Oops, i mean, Mumbai…
  • Hillary Clinton is going to be the first f president... ... Oops, I meant to say female but someone deleted the emale
  • The last thing you want to hear your surgeon say is "oops" Because if you hear that, it means your anaesthetist has also messed up..
  • TIFU by starting a World War after accidently shooting a British submarine. Oops, wrong sub.
  • Apparently Karl Marx didn't like JOKES.... Edit-oops bad..he just didn't like them capitalized.
  • TIFU by taking someone else's sandwich at the deli today Oops... wrong sub
  • TIFU by getting my girlfriend's order wrong at Subway Oops, wrong sub
  • I am a big fan of Sarah Palin. Oops, I meant Parasailin'. All these dyslexic jokes are confusing me.
  • MRW a replacement professor enters the wrong class Oops, wrong sub.
  • TIFU by making my husband the wrong sandwich Oops, wrong sub!
Oops joke, TIFU by making my husband the wrong sandwich

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So on the morning of 9/11 then Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf rang up Bush

Musharraf - "Mr President, I would like to express my condolences to you. It is a real tragedy. So many people, such great buildings... I would like to assure that we had nothing in connection with that..
Bush - "What buildings? What people?"
Musharraf - "Oh, what time is it in America now?"
Bush - "It's eight in the morning."
Musharraf - "Oops... Will call back in an hour."

Pronounced 'Dead' on arrival ... oops!

The soon to be new parents known as Mr. & Mrs. D. were so excited, as they were just about to give birth to their brand new daughter, whom they'd already decided to name Dea D..
Just a few minutes later, a healthy baby girl popped out but was unfortunately pronounced 'Dead' on arrival by the attending nurse who apparently had significant issues with letter spacing on medical charts.

TIFU by hiring a registered s**... offender as a replacement teacher

Oops wrong sub.

I had the choice of big or small speakers for my car, but when I picked the bigger one, it didn't fit.

Oops, wrong sub.

Please Help! I've got a medical condition where I can't discern between the letter "b" and the letters "th".

Oops, wrong bread.

While having an all-out war with underwater warships, I accidentally hit one of my teammates.

Oops wrong sub.

TIFU by getting meatball marinara instead of steak and cheese...

Oops, wrong sub

TIFU by mixing up by wifes sandwich order at Jimmy Johns

Oops... Wrong sub.
I'll see myself out.

Kim Jong-Un has promised a new clear future for North Korea.

Oops! Spelt ***nuclear*** wrong.

I accidentally flogged another d**...'s client.

Oops, wrong sub.

I brought my gimp home from the club yesterday and took off his mask...

Oops, wrong sub!

TIL that a Russian submarine was accidentally destroyed by a Russian warship that mistook it for an enemy submarine.

Oops, wrong sub!

What's the worst thing your wife can text you after she sends you n**...?

"Oops, wrong person."

TIFU by getting on the wrong submarine

Oops, wrong sub.

TIFU by going to Subway instead of Quiznos

Oops, wrong sub

[US] Mexican Submarine Destroyed in the Gulf of Mexico

Oops wrong sub

LPT: If you're considering trying b**... with your SO, don't start at a costume party.

Oops wrong sub

TIFU at Subway - accidentally sent someone to the ER

Oops, wrong sub

I signed a petition to end women's suffering yesterday.

Oops. Sorry: autocorrect.

I'll have an Italian BMT on Cheddar bread with everything but lettuce. A squirt of mayo and yellow mustard too please.

Oops. Wrong sub.

Today I spanked the wrong woman at b**... party

Oops, wrong sub

LPT Don't order the wrong thing for your wife at subway

Oops wrong sub

TIFU by eating my roommates lunch

Oops, wrong sub

j**... was in hospital

He was recovering from his surgery. A nurse asks him how he is.
I'm OK, but I didn't like the four-letter-word the doctor used during the surgery, he answered.
What did he say? asked the nurse.

What did Jesus say to the man with leprocy?


TIL about the Marinas Incident, where an American Destroyer accidentally sank an American Submarine.

Oops, wrong sub.

TIFU by accidentally cheating on my wife at a b**... costume party

Oops wrong sub

I was supposed to knit blue mittens for the Children's Cancer Foundation, but I had accidentally knitted all red mittens...

Oops, wrong thread.

TIFU by installing the incorrect speaker parts in my car

Oops, wrong sub!

TIFU from my dyslexia leading me on the wrong transit.

Oops, wrong bus.

My wife is angry because I brought home a B.L.T. instead of a roast beef sandwich.

Oops, wrong sub.

TIFU by accidentally giving my vegetarian girlfriend my Italian Sandwich from quizno's instead of her Veggie Delight Sandwich.

Oops wrong sub.

I can never figure out where I belong in the navy...

Oops, wrong sub!

TIL that Funimation has an unreleased Dragon Ball Z episode where they just improved the whole script.

Oops. Wrong dub.
(Real oops. Meant to type improvised)

So my dyslexia makes it hard for me to take public transportation and...

...oops. Sorry. Wrong bus.

Told an inmate to have a safe drive home.

I'm a corrections officer, getting ready to head out at shift change:
Inmate: "drive home safe"
Me: "yeah you too..."
Me: (thinking "oops, ouch")
Coworker: "Muahahaha"
Inmate: (hops into his imaginary car and shuffles to his cell making f**... engine noises, screeches the brakes, steps out of his car and into his cell. Pokes his head out) "Made it home safe dad"
Me and my coworker burst out laughing

Is this the bus for dyslexic kids?

Oops, wrong sub.

What did Britney Spears say when she got a letter from the IRS?

"Oops, audited again"

Three men walk in to a bar. One of them is wearing a hat

Your current data plan doesnt cover this feature. Click here to upgrade.

A guy at a restaurant pays for his meal after eating.

Waiter: sir, you forgot to pay for your steak.
Guy: oops ..... my mis-steak.
Waiter: please leave the restaurant.

A seamstress accidentally pulls a string and unravels her life's work...

Oops, wrong thread.

Roast beef on French roll

Oops wrong sub.
^Make ^that ^black ^forest ^ham ^on ^italian

Barry Manilow, Barry White, and Barry Gibb should form a band

It should be called Oops, All Barrys
(My Boyfriend just invented this joke)

What is the most important part of comedy? The Timing.

... Oops

My dad text me saying, "Don't try to be someone you're not."

It hurt when he added, "Oops, forgot the comma after 'someone'."

Paul Manafort bumps into Trump walking down a hallway.

Paul Manafort says "oops, pardon me".
Trump says "soon".

What can you say during both s**... and a family dinner?

Oops, I spilled on the baby!

A man is recovering from surgery.

A man is recovering from a minor surgery when a nurse comes in to check on him.
How are you feeling? she asks.
I'm okay, he says, but I didn't like the four-letter word the doctor used during surgery.
What did he say? the nurse asks.

I wrote a review for the Fast and Furious movies...

Ok so all of the cars have this little fin on the back and...
Oops, I forgot to warn people, this contains spoilers.

So i was watching an anime last night and all the captions were in spanish

oops wrong sub

I am pretty bad at building fences.

Oops, wrong place for this post.

-Knock Knock.

-Who's there?
-Britney Spears.
-Britney Spears who?
-Knock knock.
-Who's there.
-Britney Spears.
-Britney Spears who?
-Oops, I did it again.

Did you hear the one about the boar in the forest?

Oops. Greasy fingers.

Oops I missed a week

Has anyone seen my last post on here about me and my brother's spime surgery?
It was about 2 weak backs

Did you hear that cops are going to start using bodycams when interacting with protesters?

Oops typo. Body*slams*.

Oops joke, Did you hear that cops are going to start using bodycams when interacting with protesters?

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