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This article explores the trend of using ongoing jokes in popular TV shows such as Arrested Development and Family Guy. It looks into the investigation of how executives are using this idea to continually engage viewers. Find out more about the use of ongoing jokes in TV shows and how it affects the viewing experience.

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Funniest Ongoing Short Jokes

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  1. An Apple Factory in China is expected to cut production of iPhones by 18% in response to ongoing worker protests. The workers' main demand is "more playtime".
  2. There are ongoing negotions to replace Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill. I think they're going to compromise by putting her on a $12 bill.
  3. I heard my friend tell me that they are raising the minimum drinking age in Alabama up to 32. I guess this must be part of an ongoing effort to keep alcohol out of high school.
  4. My wife finally conceded in an ongoing argument we were having about clocks It was about time.
  5. Lawyer: The investigation is still ongoing. Press: Oh, so you've reported it to the NYPD?
    Lawyer: No. I'm just a lawyer.
  6. As a result of the ongoing pandemic, my s**... orientation has changed. I am now homesexual.
  7. TIL Ongoing tests indicate s**... repression is the best predictor for falling for clickbait You won't believe this one!

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Ongoing One Liners

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  1. What do you call an ongoing fork prong? Constantine
  2. I took a hostage. It is an ongoing situation.

Ongoing joke, I took a hostage.

Comical Puns & Laughs: Enjoy Fun, Witty Ongoing Jokes with Friends.

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A woman sees her doctor about ongoing abdominal pain and cramps.

She's nervous during the examination, fearing that she may be pregnant. The doctor brings back her test results and says, "It looks like you'll have to get used to changing diapers from now on."
"Oh my god, I'm pregnant?" she asks, nearly in tears. "Am I pregnant?"
The doctor replies, "No, you have bowel cancer."

The Drums Must Not Stop

A man was exploring the African jungle and came upon a tribe of natives, their presence underscored by the distinctive and monotonous beating of drums. The man spoke with the tribe and they allowed him to stay with them and sleep on their grounds.
The first night, the man didn't sleep a wink due to the ongoing drumming so he spoke to the chief. "Chief, I got no sleep last night. Could you maybe stop the drumming for a night so I could rest?"
The chief replied, "The drums must not stop."
The man figured it was their culture and focused on enjoying the day, studying and spending time with the tribe.
That night, the drums again kept the man awake for the whole night and in the morning he spoke with the chief.
"Chief, please! I need some sleep; couldn't the drums cease for just one night for my health?"
The chief replied, "The drums must not stop."
The man, exacerbated, let the issue drop and tried to focus on the day at hand, but could not focus due to lack of sleep and the incessant pounding of the drums.
That night, the beating of the drums left the man sleepless yet again in the morning he angrily approached the chief.
"Chief, I've just about had it. The drums must stop; it is impossible to get any rest with them!"
The chief replied, "The drums must not stop."
"Why! Why can the drums not stop? What happens when the drums stop?!"
The chief replied, "Bass solo."

A worker was stopped by a cop at the gates of a winery

Cop: "Sorry the winery is closed today due to an ongoing investigation. Please go home."
Worker: "What happened?"
Cop: "One of your colleagues fell into a wine tank and ended up drowning."
Worker: "Oh my God. That is terrible."
Cop: "It appears he died doing what he loved doing."
Worker: "How can you say that! Everyone hates working here!"
Cop: "Well, the CCTV footage showed him getting out of the tank five times to take a p**...."

What are some dirty jokes you know?

I was asked to submit some dirty jokes to an ongoing event. The annoucer ask a person a dirty joke and if they guess the answer correctly they're awarded a prize.
An example of a dirty joke they've asked is "What do you call two people 69ing?"
"Odor eaters."
Any dirty jokes are greatly appreciated.

In these troubling political times with gun violence peaking, human rights scandals on us soil, and ongoing corruption investigations, it's always important to find the silver lining in things...

International Relations with Russia have never been better!

Ongoing joke, My wife finally conceded in an ongoing argument we were having about clocks