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What did Courtney Love say to Kurt Kobain after finding out he cheated on her?

*"I'll give you one more shot"*

Hillary decides to give Bill one more shot..

A man brings his talking dog into the bar...

The bartender quickly tells him that no dogs are allowed.
The man says, "But sir, this is a talking dog. If i can prove that he can talk, will you let him stay?"
The bartender reluctantly agrees.
The man looks at his dog and says, "what's on top of your dog house?"
The dog says, "Roof!"
The bartender crosses his arms, annoyed.
The man says, "What does sandpaper feel like?"
The dog says, "Rough!"
The bartender is annoyed, but gives him one more shot.
The man says "Who was the greatest baseball player of all time?"
The dog barks, "Ruth!"
The bartender is furious at the man for trying to trick him and kicks them both out.
The man gets really angry and kicks his dog.
The dog looks up at him and says "what, do you think Sammy Sosa was better?"

An Irishman, an American, a Jew and a Greek all die...

When they get to Heaven, they're given the chance to go back to Earth and give it one more shot.
"But whatever sin you committed most in life, you must not even think once of committing it again," they're told, "Or you'll be right back up here."
All four end up together back on Earth, and start walking down the street, talking about the experience and what they think their worst sin was.
They pass a bar. The Irishman looks in, gets a greedy look on his face, and *p**...* disappears.
They pass a fast food restaurant. The American looks in, starts drooling, and *p**...* he disappears, too.
The Jew and the Greek keep walking, joking at their friends' foolishness. The Jew sees a dollar bill lying on the street. He bends over to pick it up, and ...
*p**...* they both disappear.

A couple has a child, but it comes out as only a head...

They go home and place the head on their living room table, where they care for it, feeding, teaching, and entertaining it. For twenty one years they do this.
Then, on the child's twenty-first birthday, the father decides that he wants to take his son out for a drink, so he moves the head to his car and drives it down to the bar.
There, the father tells the bartender to give him two shots. After downing one, he raises the second glass to his son's lips, and the head downs the beer in just a second. Suddenly, a torso appears below the head.
"Bartender! Gimme another shot!" The father yells excitedly. After downing that one as well, the rest of the body appears, and the father is ecstatic.
"Bartender! Gimme one more shot for good luck and to celebrate!" The father yells, amazed at this unexpected sequence of events. As the first bit of alcohol reaches the son's lips, he vanishes completely.
The father, distraught, doesn't know what to do. The bartender shakes his head and says, "Should've quit while he was a head."

One More Shot joke, A couple has a child, but it comes out as only a head...

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One More Shot joke, A couple has a child, but it comes out as only a head...

One More Shot joke, A couple has a child, but it comes out as only a head...

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