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Top 10 Funniest Oncologist Jokes and Puns

What kind of doctor is always on call?

An oncologist!


I made this one up last night but I'm sure someone has thought of it before.

What kind of doctor is always on call?

An oncologist.

"Right, I've been thinking." I said to the oncologist. "I'm not keen on radiotherapy or chemotherapy. At this stage I think it would be best to just let the disease take its natural course."

My wife's eyes filled with tears, "We should've discussed this together."

"My minds made up." I insisted.

"I think your wife is right." Said the consultant. "After all, she is the one with cancer."

What do you call a buff guy who predicts the weather and can treat a UTI?

A meaty urologist.

BONUS (courtesy of my girlfriend)

What do call someone who's available 24/7 and treats cancer?

An always oncologist.

What do you call a doctor who is on call 24/7?

An oncologist.

My uncle, as an oncologist....

... has a great sense of tumor.

Why do oncologists never get a break?

Because they're always _oncol_

Oncologist joke, Why do oncologists never get a break?

What type of doctor must carry a phone/pager with them at all times?

An Oncologist.

What do you called an overworked doctor?

An Oncologist

What kind of cancer does an amnesiac oncologist diagnose?


My oncologist is a real joker.

He has this great sense of tumor.

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My oncologist is so dull.

He has no sense of tumor.

what does an oncologist and an excel user have in common?

they both kill cells

What type of doctor never stops working?

An oncologist.

What does the oncologist call women's breast, on Halloween.


My psychologist said that I've had a massive personal growth...

He also told me I had two weeks to live. Did I say my psychologist? I meant my oncologist.

Oncologist joke, My psychologist said that I've had a massive personal growth...

What type of Dr. Has the worst hours?

An Oncologist (On-Call-ogist)


Oncologist with great sense of tumor.

What kind of doctor never leaves the hospital?

An Oncologist

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