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  1. Oman and Yemen should switch names because if you find out you're gonna live in Oman, you go "yeah man!!"
    but if you find out you're gonna live in Yemen, you go "oh man..."
    Im so sorry
  2. What does an Arab guy say when he's happy? - Yemen!
    What does an Arab guy say when something upsets him?
    - Oman...
  3. It warmed up to 138° in the Arabian Peninsula today. He was all like Oman? And I was like Yemen!
  4. Reactions to Saudi Arabia invading to the southeast instead of the south Yemen: Yeah man!
    Oman: Oh man
Oman joke, Reactions to Saudi Arabia invading to the southeast instead of the south

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  1. What did the Arab Nations say when Iran blockaded the Strait of Hormuz? OMAN...
  2. What do you get charged with if you take a 9 V from the ruler of Oman? A sultans battery
  3. What's the most Disappointed country? Oman
  4. What did the people in Middle East say when they ran out of oil? Oman
  5. What's the most disappointing country in the Middle East? Oman
  6. Mum: I have a friend who is flying in from Muscat Me: Oman that's pretty far.
  7. What did the Socotran guy say when he got in trouble? Oman!
  8. What do you call people from Oman? Oman-i forgot
  9. What did the Arab man say before his haircut? Oman! Muscat my hair!
  10. What was Oman called before it became a country and after it retired? Oboy and Oldman
  11. Avicii 28 found dead in the middle east Oman, I did not see that coming
  12. Spell Oman "Oh, man!"
    Spell Yemen.
    "Yeah, man!"
  13. My friend lives in a really unstabble country Oman, that's sad to hear.
  14. What did the Middle Eastern t**... say when he was captured by the police? Oman!

Oman joke, What did the Middle Eastern t**... say when he was captured by the police?

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Have I ever told you guys about how I escaped from the Middle East?

Oman the whole story is ridiculous.
I basically had to Qatar cross the border.
Just like Bon Jovi, I was basically Lebanon a prayer the whole time.
I know it doesn't sound like a true story, but I assure you Israel.
Honestly I could tell you more but it Kuwait.

Match the middle eastern country to its sworn enemy...

- Bahrain
- Lebanon
- Qatar
- United Arab Emirates
- Egypt
- Syria
- Jordan
- Iran
- Iraq
- Saudi Arabia
- Algeria
- Morocco
- Yemen
- Oman
- Kuwait
1. Israel

You wanna hear a geography joke?

Bob : "Hey Tom if you're Hungary I'll Serbia a Turkey Sandwich"
Tom : "Oman that was a bad joke"
Bob : "Yemen I know"
Tom : "You Syriasly need to stop with these jokes..."
Bob : "But Iraq at making jokes :("

Oman joke, What do you call people from Oman?

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