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What does Oedipus the king's mother wear under her dress?

Q: what does Oedipus the king's mother wear under her dress?

A: a Freudian slip

Why doesn't Oedipus curse?

Because he kisses his mother with that mouth

There's nothing wrong with being a self-made man...

Unless you have an Oedipus complex and a time machine.

Oedipus Complex

Like father, like son!

Yo mamma is so ugly...

I don't understand your Oedipus complex.

If you replaced Odysseus with Oedipus..

..would a long series of journeys or wanderings be known as an Oedipussy?


He really outdid himself last mother's day.

Oedipus joke, Oedipus

I don't know why they call it the Oedipus Complex.

b**... your mom seems fairly simple.

Rorschach Test

A man walks into a psychiatrist's office for his first appointment. After the initial interview, the shrink decides to ease the man into the process with a simple inkblot test. After a few minutes, however, the shrink calls a halt.

"I think its fairly clear at this point that we're dealing with an Oedipus Complex." says the shrink.

"*I'VE* got an Oedipus Complex?!?" the man bursts out, "*You're* the one with all these pictures of my parents having s**...!"

Oedipus walks into a bar...

it turns out the bar is his mother.

Just got a cat with a limp

Called it Oedipus the needipus.

What do you call a blind dinosaur?

Oedipus rex.

Why is Oedipus against swearing?

He kisses his mother with that mouth!

How did Oedipus convince his mom to have s**... with him?

He 'incested'.

What do you call a dinosaur with gouged eyes?

Oedipus Rex

Why did the Dad divorce his wife after she named their son?

She named him Oedipus.

Oedipus joke, Why did the Dad divorce his wife after she named their son?

After learning about the Oedipus Complex...

..it was a parent who I was attracted to.

*Edit apparent to a parent. This joke is terrible written. Sorry.

Who is Samuel L Jackson's favorite historical figure?


what's it called when you accidentally dirty talk with your mom on 4chan

Oedipus Rekt

I'm dead inside

Why does Oedipus hate profanity?

He kisses his mother with that mouth.

Oedipus didn't want to sleep with his mother but she incested.

They call it an Oedipus Complex, though these jokes seem fairly simple to me.

What did the greek mythologist call the guy who just cut him off?


The Story of Oedipus

It all started off with a couple of broken arms...

Oedipus apartment complex

Attractive like your mom

What is Oedipus Rex's Mom's favorite Elton John song?

Don't Let The Son Go Down On Me

Since Carrie Fisher's death, I feel sorry for Kylo Ren.

How will he fulfill the other half of his Oedipus complex now?

Oedipus joke, Since Carrie Fisher's death, I feel sorry for Kylo Ren.

How do you say 'motherfucker' in ancient greek?


What do you name an edible cat?


Why did Oedipus become an archeologist?

He liked uncovering mummies.

Why is it impossible to keep Oedipus from cheating at Scrabble?

He's always trying to look at his mother's rack.

I just read Oedipus The King and man, let me tell you

That guy was royally s**... !

What is Samuel L. Jacksons favorite Greek play?

Oedipus Rex

What did Oedipus say whenever he tasted something savoury?

Oo mommy

What did Oedipus say when we went down on a girl?

Mom, mom, mom.

New r**... word: Oedipus

My uncle Ed's got bladder problems, you know how long it takes Oedipus?

What did the Greek king say when he was asked if he gave o**...?

"Yeh I Oedipus."

Why did Oedipus never use profanity?

Because he kissed his mother with that mouth.

Why does Oedipus never swear?

He kisses his mother with that mouth.

Oedipus wants to learn of his fate.

He travels to Thebes to consult the blind prophet Tiresias and asks him, "What does my future hold?"

Tiresias thinks quietly for a time and answers, "First you'll m**... your father."

Oedipus is shocked to hear that he'll become a killer, but there must be more to his fate.

He asks, "What happens next?"

"Then you'll take his throne."

Oedipus is pleased to hear that he'll become king, but there must be more to his fate.

"And what happens next?"

"Then you'll sleep with Joe."

Oedipus is confused.

"Who's Joe?"

Did you hear about the Greek man who ate his mom's cat?

He Oedipus.

What did Samuel L. Jackson say when he met Oedipus?

'What's up, m**...?'

Why is Oedipus bad at Latin?

He conjugated where he should have declined.

>!Latin verbs have conjugations and latin nouns have declinsions.!<

Which Greek character is from alabama


what do you call a carnivorous dinosaur who falls in love with his own mother?

Oedipus Rex

Jesus: Was your mom a v**... too?

Oedipus: Can we please talk about something else?

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