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What does the Illuminati smell like?

New World Odor

What do you get when you cross a policeman with a skunk?

Law and odor.

I always leave a penny on the toilet lid after I take a dump

Just so that a cent is covering the odor

There's a woman named Jean who works in my lab and everyday she comes in stinking of body odor.

I don't really speak to her much and rarely say hello, usually if I pass her in the hallway I just say "Hi Jean"

What do you call a stinky lawyer?

Law and Odor

I tried to buy something from a perfume vending machine, but it was broken.

It just had a sign on it that said "Out of Odor".

yesterday I found a broken skunk

it was out of odor.

Odor joke, yesterday I found a broken skunk

Why did the skunk cross the road?

To get to the odor side.

My girlfriend is developing a weird body odor

It's not awful enough to prevent us from having sex or to turn me away from giving her oral but it is steadily getting worse.

Maybe it's about time I buried her.

What did the judge say when the skunk walked in the court room?

Odor in the court!!!

Had a raccoon problem in my crawlspace and nothing worked to get rid of them. My neighbor told me to put lutefisk down there and that the rotting odor would keep them away....

A week later a Norwegian family moved in.

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I've been told I've got terrible body odor.

I suppose I do need to bury the corpses sometime.

What's a Jedi's least favorite smell?

Odor 66

What are some dirty jokes you know?

I was asked to submit some dirty jokes to an ongoing event. The annoucer ask a person a dirty joke and if they guess the answer correctly they're awarded a prize.

An example of a dirty joke they've asked is "What do you call two people 69ing?"

"Odor eaters."

Any dirty jokes are greatly appreciated.

What do you get when you cross a cop and a skunk?

Law and odor

In school we had a friend named Gustavo.

He was a blast to be with, but he had an odor. If I had to describe it, fun Gus had a musky scent.

Odor joke, In school we had a friend named Gustavo.

Wow you're strong!

Unfortunately, odor isn't everything.

What do you call two skunks sixty-nining?

Odor eaters.

[febreze commercial Take 1]

We've blindfolded Steve and brought him into this room where we brutally murdered his family a week ago to demonstrate the strong odor fighting power of Febreze

Why don't American's have body odor?

Because they are cent-less.

What do you call skunks doing 69?

Odor eaters

LPT: When waiting on hold for an important call, don't fart!

After all, calls will be answered in the odor they were received.

What do you call the body odor from smoking Canabis that just wont go away?

An Elongated Musk.

What did the hamster say when he killed the aerosol can in a furious rage?

Die! odor rant!

I keep smelling a disgusting odor coming from the bathroom even no is using it.

I think it might be pootergeist.

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