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What do you call two octopuses that look exactly the same?


Ordering octopus at a restaurant

A man goes into a restaurant and he orders octopus from the seafood menu. The waiter says that's all right, but he has to warn the guest, it takes four hours to prepare.

"Why does it take so long to prepare octopus? Is it hard to cook?"
"Not really, but the octopuses keep turning down the gas."

Why are octopuses so dangerous?

They're heavily armed.

If octopuses have twins.

Does that make them "i-tentical"

What do humans and octopuses have in common?

Two sets of forearms

A man meets his friend.

He says to him: "You won't believe what I saw today!"
,,What?" replies his friend.
" I saw twin octopuses".
"How do you know they were twins" his friend wonders.
The man replies:" Well they were a tentacle".

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