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If I had a penny for every time someone said they think I have OCD...

I'd have 1,526 pennies.

My fat friend told me I have OCD.

I told him he had OBCD.

I have CDO...

It's like OCD but all the letters are in alphabetical order...as they should be.

I have OCD which severely affects my sex life.

Every time a girl gets turned on, I turn them off again.

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How many people with OCD does it take to change a light bulb?

Seven. It *has* to be seven.

My wife said she was leaving me today because he couldn't handle my OCD any more…

I said, "Close the door 5 times on your way out."

It's hard to date a guy with OCD...

Every time I get turned on he turns me off again.

My wife has this weird OCD where she arranges the dinner plates by the year they were bought.

It's an extremely rare dish order.

My ex girlfriend wasn't able to handle my OCD

I told her to close the door five times on her way out.

It's hard dating with OCD...

...every time my girlfriend gets turned on, I have to turn her off again.


A Stanford Medical research group advertised for participants
in a study of obsessive-compulsive disorder. They were
looking for therapy clients who had been diagnosed with this
disorder. The response was gratifying; they got 300 responses
the day after the ad came out.

All from the same person.

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My friend's OCD is really killing his luck with women

As soon as he turns them on, he has to turn them off.

I just moved in to a new flat with two girls...

I just moved in to a new flat with two girls, it's been a bit of a nightmare to be honest. The first one has really bad OCD, whenever she goes in to a room she has to turn the light switch on and off 17 times. That's nothing compared to the other one, she's got epilepsy

I'm starting a group for people who have OCD.

We meet 10 times a day.

I have ocd so whenever someone say "tho"

I always respond with "ugh"

I have CDO

It's like OCD but in alphabetical order, as it should be.

The worst thing about O.C.D.

is that the O should come after the C.D.

I suffer from CDO.

It's OCD with the letters in the correct order.

I'm OCD about cleaning up.

There's never any dirty dishes in the sink, the floors are spotless, all the surfaces are wiped down. I even do this if I'm visiting somewhere. If I see a fingerprint or a footprint I just have to take care of it. It makes me a GREAT roommate... but a TERRIBLE crime scene investigator.

I just found out that a gay friend of mine is OCD

He was the last person I expected to get upset about something not being straight.

My wife is finding it really difficult to live with my OCD

Every time she gets turned on, I have to turn her off again.

I have CDO

It's like OCD but in alphabetical order

My psychiatrist wrote on my evaluation form that I have ocd.

I had to correct it to OCD.

My wife said she couldn't deal with my OCD anymore.

I said fine, open and close the door five times and leave.

Obsessive Compulsive...

The representative body that supports people who suffer from OCD have petitioned the Government to change the acronym to CDO in alphabetical order the way it should be...

My wife accused me of having OCD

I soon put her in her place!

I talked back to my OCD mother...

she was very quick to put me in my place.

Why doesn't the guy with OCD ever get laid?

Because when he turns his girlfriend on he has to turn her off again three times.

I have OCD and ADHD...

So everything has to be just right, but only for a little while.

I asked my doctor if I have OCD because of my compulsive cleaning.

Apparently cleaning your browser history does not count.

People say I have ocd.


What is the first rule of OCD club?

To have a second rule so there is an even number of rules.

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What's three times worse than OCD?


Wait the last time didn't feel right.


Wait, the second time didn't feel right.



There's this guy with OCD who likes to collect containers.

Unfortunately for him, they're always ajar.


My little cousin has been diagnosed with an unusual case of OCD where all he does all day is organise dinner plates by the year they were made,
It's an extremely rare dish-order........

If I had a penny every time someone said I had OCD...

I'd have 3791 pennies.

"I'm just trying to get off on the right foot"

\- Foot fetishist with OCD

What does a person with OCD bring out in the bedroom when they tell their partner to bend over?

A protractor.

My 8-year-old's newest joke: What did the one-legged man with OCD say when he opened the closet?

Hi, jean!

It's difficult to date someone with OCD

Every time you're turned on, they turn you off again.

I have 6 mental illnesses

Schizophrenia, OCD, ADHD, dislexia, anxiety, and hypochondria.

it's difficult to date when you have OCD.

Every time my girlfriend gets turned on, I turn her off again.I

(Jimmy Carr)

Who brings Purell and wet wipes to all the good little OCD girls and boys?

Sani Claus.

I wrote the perfect joke about OCD...

as soon as I get the punchline to have the same number of letters as the set-up, I'll post it for you guys.

What's the worst thing about dating someone with OCD?

Once they've turn you on, they have to turn you off again.

Why do people with OCD like Family Feud?

Because it's always black and white.

Never date someone with OCD.

Every time you get turned on, they'll turn you off again.

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