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Funny Oakland Jokes and Puns

The Raiders are moving to Las Vegas

Most Oakland fans won't even be able to go to games now due to parole stipulations...

I'm thinking of hosting a rave in an Oakland warehouse...

I can use my mixtape. Its fire.

How are the Oakland Raiders like the mailman?

Neither one delivers on Sunday!

The Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas

I think that is quite a gamble.

Beer cheaper than water in Oakland.

Unfortunately there's a catch, you have to go to a Raiders game.

When I die, I want 6 Oakland Raiders to be my pallbearers.

So they can let me down one last time.

The Oakland Raiders are moving to Las Vegas.

Thus making "went to a Raiders game" yet another thing people won't talk about when they get home from Vegas.

As third base coach, Oakland A's coach Ron Washington may be

the only black man in America who knows how to put his hands up.

How will the oakland PD maintain law and order during the warriors parade?

Hella copters

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