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Best Short Nuts And Bolts Jokes

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  1. A guy escaped from the lunatic asylum. He broke into the local laundromat, banged the female assistant and ran off.
    Headline in the local newspaper next day read,
    "Nut Screws Washer and Bolts .
  2. Piece of Dating Advice Do not date a car mechanic if you're looking for a long term partner. Typically, a mechanic just nuts and bolts.
  3. A lunatic seduced the laundry woman ... A lunatic seduced the laundry woman to get her keys, and promptly escaped from the asylum.
    Next day, the headlines read *Nut Screws Washer and Bolts!*
  4. Women hate mechanics. All they do is screw, nut, and bolt.
  5. Why do robots make bad boyfriends? They just screw, nut, then bolt.
  6. Why does a robot do during a one night stand? Nuts and bolts
  7. What do you call a one night stand with a construction worker? Nut and bolt.
  8. Why are robots bad in bed? They just screw, nut and bolt.
  9. What did the robot do after being caught sleeping with the neighbor's wife? Nut and Bolt
  10. Did you hear about the car mechanic who was in a brief relationship and then left? There was an article in the newspaper.

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Nuts And Bolts One Liners

Which nuts and bolts one liners are funny enough to crack down and make fun with nuts and bolts? I can suggest the ones about bolts and peanuts nuts.

  1. What does a robot do after a one night stand? He nuts and bolts.
    I'll see myself out.
  2. What does a mechanic do for a one night stand? He nuts and bolts.
  3. What's the engineering term for a one night stand? A nut and bolt.
  4. Do you know what a robot does on one night stand? Nuts and bolts.
  5. What do you call a robots one night stand? A nut and bolt
  6. Why are mechanics absent fathers? Because they nut and bolt
  7. I recently saw a movie about nuts and bolts..... The plot was riveting!
  8. What does a robot do at the end of a one night stand? – He nuts and bolts.
  9. What do mechanics call one night stands? Nuts & bolts
  10. What does a mechanic do during a 1 night stand? He screws, nuts, and bolts
  11. Thought of a great slogan for a construction company.. We screw, we nut, we bolt.
  12. What does a robot do with his first girlfriend? He nuts and bolts
  13. Hear about the mechanic who refuses to pay prostitutes? He screws, nuts and bolts.
  14. What does a robot do after a one-night stand? He nuts and bolts
  15. I told her I'm a mechanical engineer I can't fix her car, but I can screw, nut, and bolt.

Nuts And Bolts Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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Q: What did the nut say to the bolt?
A: Screw me.

What's ironic about a casual screw?

He nuts and bolts

Did you hear about the guy who escaped from a lunatic asylum, r**... a bunch of old women in a laundrette then ran away?

The newspaper headlines the next day read:

So a man escaped from a mental asylum.....

So a man escaped from a mental asylum and the first thing he did was head for the local town. In the town he found a laundrette and so he went inside and r**... the workers there.
The next day's newspaper headline was " Nut bolts ,screws washers"

What did the bolt say to the nut?

"Washer? I don't even know 'er!"

A mental patient escapes from an asylum, goes into a laundrette and rapes a bunch of women. The police arrive and he escapes. Newspaper headline the next day reads....


What did the handyman do...

when he got his girlfriend in bed with him for the first time?
He s**..., nutted, and bolted.

What do you call a robot that doesn't support his children?

Nuts and bolts

I'm pretty sure my father is/was an engineer.

All he did was screw, nut, and bolt. :(

An inmate from a mental asylum escaped and started r**... people.

The next day headlines read : Nut bolts and screws.

What do you call a robotic prostitution ring?

Nuts and bolts.

Did you hear the newspaper headline about the escaped lunatic who r**... a woman and ran away?

"Nut screws and bolts".

Man escapes from insane asylum, and has s**... with a girl in a laundry mat.

The newspaper the next day reads:
"Nut screws washers and bolts."

Lunatic escapes from an asylum, goes to a launderette where he rapes three women before running off into the woods. Next morning's newspaper headlines read....


Anyone hear of the r**... mechanic?

They say he screws, nuts, and bolts.

Crazy man has s**... with machine at laundromat and evades police

Nut screws washer and bolts

What happens when you let a carpenter near your wife?

He nuts and bolts.

A gynecologist has a midlife crisis and takes night classes to become a mechanic...

She's really nervous the night of the final, so she studies real hard and hopes for the best.
When the grades are posted, she freaks out because her grade says 150% and she assumes it was an error, so she goes to see the instructor.
He explains it's no error.
"You took apart the engine perfectly, every nut, every bolt. You pulled it all apart without breaking anything. That got you 50%
Then you put it all back together perfectly. It actually ran better than before you started, so I gave you 50% for that.
You got a bonus 50% for doing it all through the muffler."

It takes 1,437 bolts to assemble a car.

It takes one nut to scatter them all over the road.

How do you make industrial music?

Nuts and BOLTS and nuts and BOLTS and nuts and BOLTS and...

What does a hardware salesman do on a one night stand?

He nuts and bolts.

What does a robot do after s**...?

Nuts and bolts

Why are robots selfish lovers?

Nuts and bolts

Why do robots make bad lovers?

Nuts & bolts!

Whats the difference between a nut and a Bolt?

Nothing, they both take about 10 seconds to finish.

I have a problem with running away from relationships after s**....

I just nut and bolt.

How is a one night stand like hardware store?

They both involve screws, nuts, and bolts.

How does a robot avoid getting caught for public m**...?

He nuts and bolts.

How to add extra fun during your amusement park ride ?

Carry some extra nuts and bolts with you.
as soon as the ride begins, Tap on the shoulder of the guy in front of you. Show them the nuts and bolts and ask
"Are these from your seat ? "

What's the difference between a deadbeat dad and a robot?

One nuts and bolts and the other is nuts and bolts.

Why is Ricky the Robot a bad lover?

Shortly after he sticks it in, he nuts and bolts.

How do you know when a guy is a tool?

When he nuts and bolts

What does a hardware store and a deadbeat dad have in common?

Screws, nuts, and bolts.

My father is a tool

He nuts and bolts.

What do black men and robots have in common?

Nuts and bolts.

How does Bob the Builder have a one night stand?

He nuts and bolts

Your boy is just like a tool box

He just nuts and bolts

(Nsfw) Which Pixar character is the worst one to have s**... with?

Walle because he nuts and bolts.

How can you tell if your man is a robot?

Check if he nuts and bolts.

Why is the machinist banned from the brothel?

Because he doesn't pay, he nuts and bolts.

Why is the handyman a bad boyfriend?

He nuts and bolts.

What was the news headline when a crazy man s**... assaulted two laundry women and ran away?


How does a male AI unit have s**...?

Nuts and bolts

Why did the busy tool delivery-man enter to brothel?

He needed to drop off his nut, and bolt.

Did you see the story in the newspaper about the s**... attack at the laundry?

The headline read "Nut screws washers and bolts"

I'm like a carpenter in bed...

I screw, I nut, and then I bolt

You wanna know why the call me the toolbox?

Because I screw, then I nut, and then I bolt.

The cops in my town are looking for a crazy man. He was last seen having s**... with a laundry machine.

Nut screws washer and bolts.

What did the mechanic do when...

What did the mechanic do when he was with his GF and her parents car pulls into the driveway?
He nutted and bolted.

Why do you never hear "my dad is a mechanic"?

Because he nuts and bolts

Male sexbots are an interesting concept in theory

Until you try one and you lose him because he nuts and bolts

Who is the soulmate of Usain Bolt?

Usain Nut

My mate reckons he can tighten nuts and bolts just by sitting on them.

Personally I think he torques out of his a**...…

#1 Tip for both fastening metal together and streakers:

Pull out your nuts and bolt

A plumber has a one night stand.

He screws, nuts, and bolts.

What do you do if you want a quick screw?

Nut & bolt

Did you hear about the mechanic with a fear of commitment?

He likes to screw, nut and bolt.

Today I was asked about my job manufacturing nuts and bolts

I told them it was quite riveting

Did you hear about the mechanic who slept with my wife?

He nuts and bolts

What do you call it when a mechanic has s**... with a girl and never sees her again?

Nut and bolt

I am creating a video game about a bear and bird that hire a p**... and then don't pay her.

I'm calling it "Banjo-Kazooie Nuts and Bolts"

If you go to a mechanics shop to get laid but get caught

do you screw, nut, and bolt?

How does a robot have s**...?

He nuts and bolts.

Why do machinists leave so quickly after s**...?

They just screw, nut, and bolt

What happens if you tighten a Bolt too much?

You bust a Nut

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