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What does a gay horse eat?

A nutritious and balanced diet provided by their owner, you bigots.

My uncle wants to publish a cookbook that teaches people how to prepare nutritious and tasty meals using the kinds of meagre rations that are available in the aftermath of a hurricane/earthquake/flood/etc.

I told him it sounds like a recipe for disaster.

My wife made grilled cheese for dinner 4 days in a row

I come up to her and say "What's up honey, don't you have enough time to make dinner?"

She nonchalantly replies "No, I do"

Surprised, I quickly say "Then how come you're not taking the time to make a better and more nutritious dinner?"

She smirks and replies "The last 4 nights in bed, you had plenty of time, but you decided to finish quickly."

What is it that kids love about the taste of synonym toast crunch?

Is it because it's nutritious, wholesome, salutary and invigorating?

The new Dota 2 patch seems very nutritious..

It contains many new treants.

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