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I saw a woman once

Who was smoking a cigarette at a gas station while she filled her car. She pulled out the nozzle and gas shot everywhere and her arm was immediately engulfed in flames. She starts waving it around and a cop saw it and shot her dead. She was waving an illegal fire arm.


[maybe NSFW] How can you tell that a porn star works at your local gas station?

Right before he's done filling the tank he pulls out the nozzle and sprays it all over the trunk of your car.


Have you ever heard of a Fire Distinguisher?

You point the nozzle at the fire and it says

"Yup, That's Fire."


How do you know when a male porn star is at the gas station?

Right before the pump turns off, he pulls out the nozzle and sprays it all over the car.


Did you hear about the ex-porn star who got fired from the gas station?

Every time he got close to filling the tank, he'd pull the nozzle out and spray gasoline all over the car.


Why did the former porn actor get fired from his job as a gas station attendant?

Just before the tank was full, he would pull out the nozzle and spray gas all over the car.


Saw this one on the gas nozzle at my petrol station today...

*What did the Termite say when he walked into the bar?*

"Is the bar tender here?"


A man went to a gas station

To pump up his car, but as he went to do so, the nozzle set his arm on fire. He then got back into his car and headed for the hospital. As he was on the highway, he was waving his burning arm out of the window, but was seen by a cop. The cop then pulled him over and promptly arrested him for possession of a firearm.


What do a gas pump nozzle and a penis have in common?

No matter how much you shake them, they still leak a little bit when you try and put them away.


When I was younger, I used to work at a gas station.

One summer, we needed extra help so we hired an ex porn star to be an attendant. He was fired after a few days because every time he'd pump gas, right before the tank was filled, he'd pull the nozzle out and spray gas all over the side of the car.


I saw Ron Jeremy at a gas station

I wasn't sure it was him at first. However, as he finished pumping, he pulled the nozzle out and sprayed gasoline all over the trunk.


In Los Angeles, everyone is really something else.

A waitress is really an actress. A supermarket cashier is really a screenwriter. When I was there, a gas station attendant filled up my tank. We got to chatting, and he told me he's really a porno actor. I was skeptical, but I believed him when he pulled out the nozzle halfway through the fill-up and sprayed it all over the back of my car.


Why did the Pornstar get fired from his job at the gas station?

Because every time the tank was almost full he'd pull the nozzle out and spray gas all over the car.


Is it a man or a woman?

Do they shake the nozzle at the gas pump.


How can you tell it's a porn star gassing up his car at the other pump?

Just before he gets to 20 bucks he pulls out the nozzle and sprays it all over the trunk.


How do you know when a pornstar is pumping gas?

After the tank is full, he pulls the nozzle out and sprays gasoline all over the trunk.


How can you tell when Ron Jeremy is finished pumping gas?

He pulls out the nozzle and sprays it all over the car!


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