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Roses are red, I've got a bad cough

Settings -> Notifications -> Trending -> **OFF**

I like my women how I like my phone notifications

Turned off or disabled

Android lets you use "Lumos" for the flashlight, "Silencio" for the notifications...

but not "Incendio". That is a Samsung exclusive.

Notifications joke, Android lets you use "Lumos" for the flashlight, "Silencio" for the notifications...

I wanted to make a Houston joke a few days ago...

but i didn't want to be flooded with all the notifications.


were the first form of pop-up notifications.

I got furious and smashed my phone

I was getting too many notifications from a meditation app.

I just installed a marijuana app

It has kush notifications.

Notifications joke, I just installed a marijuana app

I turned off my Robinhood notifications

I just don't need that negativity in my life.

They have launched a new marijuana app up here in Canada, but it is very annoying.

It keeps sending you kush notifications.

Group Notifications.

Thanks Apple for recognizing the fact that multiple notifications from a single app can happen.

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