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  1. I'm currently in a recovering alcoholics program in North Carolina. But to keep it short, I just tell people I'm in the NCAA.
  2. How can you tell if a good ole boy from North Carolina is married? There are tobacco spit stains on BOTH the doors of his truck.
  3. I'm moving to North Carolina and I think I'm going to buy a house instead of renting I hear the market is flooded right now
  4. In the wake of Hurricane Florence, residents of North Carolina are returning home to deal with flood damage, mold, and apparently with the arrival of the President... Tiny mushrooms.
  5. The Top Three things for Halloween you can do now in North Carolina: #3 Swim with the sharks,
    #2 Have an account on Ashley Madison,
    #1 riding a street car in Charlotte NC.
  6. I know a guy from North Carolina who spent 200 million on the lotto. He said that if he doesn't win, his life savings are gonna go south.
  7. There once was a lady from China.. Who got diagnosed with angina.
    She went to her Gyno
    who said "what do I know"?
    My degree is from North Carolina.
  8. What's the difference between North Korea and North Carolina? None. Don't go live in the north.
  9. What was the governor of North Carolina criticized for responding to Hurricane Florence so quickly? Because women don't like p**... evacuations
  10. Why is it i**... for a man living in North Carolina to be buried in South Carolina? Because he's alive.

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North Carolina One Liners

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  1. What type of fruit are you most likely to find in North Carolina? Cantaloupe!
  2. Hey North Carolina, watcha doin' this weekend? Nothing
  3. How come north Carolina is the bluest state? Raleigh scattering
  4. What superheroes refuse to fight in North Carolina? The X-Men
  5. It's so expensive to swim at North Carolina beaches It costs an arm and a leg.
  6. Here and safe in North Carolina all the waterslides are still waterslides.
  7. What do you call a fraud from North Carolina? A charlatan!

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Math in the real world

Basic Math is the subject I teach at a small community college in western North Carolina. I call one part of the curriculum Practical Applications for Living in the Real World. The day after I presented a lesson on simple and compound interest, one of my older students approached me in the hallway. "You really taught me a great deal about my life yesterday," he said. "I realized I've been struggling with a lack of interest, compounded daily, for thirty years."

Dating in the old days

Back when my Grandpa was courtin' (dating) my Grandma in the rural mountains of North Carolina he picked her up for their first date in his horse-drawn buggy. As they were traveling down the bumpy dirt roads his bowels began to rumble and he was struggling to keep from breaking wind. About halfway to his parent's house a storm started to blow in so he decided the next time he saw lightning he would time it and let it rip during the thunder. This worked perfectly and Grandma never knew. Soon he felt the urge again and he waited for the lightning and timed it perfectly. Wanting to make casual conversation he said to Grandma, We had better hurry, that one sounded close . Grandma said Yes, it smells like it struck a s**... .

Topical Jokes for 1/12

The White House said that not sending a senior official to the Paris liberty march was a mistake. Joe Biden was supposed to fly there, but he's not allowed on a plane unless he's accompanied by an adult.
United Airlines is considering outsourcing jobs to cut costs. From now on, one lucky passenger will get to fly the plane, while being fed instructions from a customer-service rep in Mumbai.
In North Carolina, a woman accidentally shot her husband when he surprised her with breakfast in bed. The woman then saw he was carrying breakfast from Taco Bell -- and shot him again.

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