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My grandfather warned people that the Titanic would sink

No one listened, but he kept on warning them nonetheless until they got sick of him and kicked him out the movie theatre

Short, but good nonetheless

Every "yo mamma" joke has been done thousands of different times, by thousands of different people.
Just like yo mamma.

Paul was having dinner with his family when suddenly his elder daughter rose from the chair and said, "I have a confession to make.I'm a lesbian ."

Paul smiles and says, "Congratulations. I will still love you nonetheless."

Suddenly his younger daughter says ," Dad, I'm a lesbian too."

Paul begrudgingly exclaims , " Does nobody in this family likes d**...?"

His son says,"I do."

Short, but good nonetheless

A midget philanthropist

A man meets a foreign girl, they flirt with each other, and end up sleeping with each other.

After the man came, he asked her 'you finish'?

She shook her head.

Dutifully the men got back to work, and after another round of l**... he asked her 'you finish?'

The girl shook her head again.

The man barely had any energy left, but continued the l**... nonetheless. In the end he collapses on the bed and asks again 'you finish?'

The girl shakes her head and replies 'No, I'm Swedish'.

Rodeo Position

Two old cowboys are sitting around a campfire and drinking. Somewhat drunk and not in the best frame of mind one turns to the other and say's I miss my missus, but when we make love it's always the same . Somewhat taken aback, but curious nonetheless, the other cowboy asks how's that? We always use the old m**... the old cowboy replies. Thinking about this the other cowboy says If you want some excitement you need to try the Rodeo position . The cowboy says What's that?
Well you start off d**..., behind her. Then you lean forward and with your right hand grab her right breast, and with your left hand grab her left breast, with your face beside her head you whisper gently in her ear, Yep feels just like your sister , and then hold on for dear life.

My grandfather warned the people that the Titanic would sink.......

No one listened, but he kept on warning them nonetheless until they got sick of him and kicked him out the movie theatre.

Nonetheless joke, My grandfather warned the people that the Titanic would sink.......

A group of 100 people dressed up as Vikings, promoting the new exhibition at the Smithsonian, was seen parading in front of the White House today.

Famously uncivilised, destructive and rapacious, with an almost insatiable appetite for rough s**... and heavy drinking, the US Senators nonetheless came out to watch the parade.

Today, my son asked me why girls always pee sitting down

I told him it's because they're lazy

Not necessarily a joke but kinda funny nonetheless.

Why do cemeteries have fences around it?

Because people are just DYING to get in!

Not my own joke, but I find it funny nonetheless

Harvey Weinstein had a dream job.

A weird s**... fantasy one,but a dream nonetheless.

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A man goes the doctor claiming to be constantly tired during the day.

The doctor says to him "Play the song "Losing my Religion" on repeat in your bedroom, while you sleep."

The man obviously thinks that it is a ridiculous treatment, but obliges the doctor nonetheless.

The next day the man bursts into his doctor's office and yells: "I feel fantastic!! How the did that actually work?!"

The doctor replies: "You weren't getting enough REM sleep."

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