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I was seriously depressed after a recent loss. My GF bought me an Xbox

But that didn't help. So she tried a Playstation - no luck there either. She ended up going through everything from a Sega Master System to a Nintendo Switch, but nothing helped - turns out I was just inconsolable

How many Nintendo fans does it take to change a lightbulb?

Who knows? They're all too busy playing with the switch.

My wife left me because I bought the new Nintendo, but I'm not even upset... was time for a Switch.

Nintendo Switch joke, My wife left me because I bought the new Nintendo, but I'm not even upset...

What is 10 blocks long and never had sex?

The line for the Nintendo Switch

I had high expectations for doing great things in 2020. Instead I'm stuck at home jacking off and playing Nintendo.

The old 'bate and Switch.

So, Nintendo's stopped production of the Wii U and are producing their new console.

Looks like they decided it's a good time for a Switch.

Nintendo was going to convert a car factory to manufacture their new console.

But the factory owner didn't want to make the switch.

Nintendo Switch joke, Nintendo was going to convert a car factory to manufacture their new console.

Why does the Nintendo switch come with a dock?

Because of all the ports

(Told to me by my wife)

The Nintendo DS' cheaper version was the DS Lite. A cheaper Nintendo Switch would be

The Nintendo Lite-Switch

What do you call a transgender Japanese person?

A Nintendo switch.

When Nintendo come out with a new version of the switch will the current one become...

The old switcheroo!

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What will happen if someone robs a Nintendo Switch factory?


After a Year of use I can say without a doubt that the Nintendo Switch is the perfect console for Me

The Nintendo Sub was too under powered and the Nintendo Dom is more than I can handle.......

Did you hear that the new Nintendo Switch controllers were a scam?

Turns out that they were a joy con.

I was playing Arms on my Nintendo Switch and my teacher told me to put it away.

"But I have the right to bear Arms!"

I like to switch things up in bed

Now I'm sleeping on the couch. Good thinking from Nintendo though. I can play here too.

Nintendo Switch joke, I like to switch things up in bed

Nintendo Switch

to PC.

What's Adrian Peterson's favorite gaming system?

Nintendo Switch

Friends are making visual puns

One draws a box with an x on it
"its obviously xbox"
Another draws a station with play on it
"of course its playstation"
Another one draws two people with arrows pointing to eachother with one having nintendo on his shirt.
"its nintendo switch"
Finally one draws a girl with multicolored hair.
"its pc"

Why did the Nintendo switch player cross the road?

To render the buildings.

A man went fishin and tied a nintendo console to his line

classic bait'n Switch

After my buddy and I both bought Nintendo Switches, he said "I wish they came in packs of 2."

His dad replied, "2pac's dead."

Today, I gave my son an Nintendo Switch

Swapping him for a GameCube was the best thing I ever did

Do you know what's more secure than clinton's email servers?

What the nintendo switch is.

I love the new Nintendo console

I mean come on guys. Switch to it

What do you call a golden Nintendo switch


Went out to Buy a new Nintendo console ...

Took it hoke and it didn'twork. Wal-Mart was cool. They SWITCHed it out with a working one.

What's Adrian Peterson's favorite video game console?

Nintendo Switch

Since the switch came out i thought i would make a nintendo joke. so here it is.

the wii u sales

I'm a hardcore gamer. I wouldn't trade my PS4 for a Nintendo console even if they let me design and manufacture it myself. Nope...

I'll never make the switch.

Do you know why they call it the Nintendo Switch?

Because you try it once then you switch to another console.

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