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Funny Nihilism Jokes and Puns

What's the correct way to pronounce nihilism?

Doesn't matter.

How do you pronounce "nihilism?"

It doesn't matter

Nobody cares about Nihilism.

The punchline.

What's so great about nihilism?


I wanted to study nihilism...

but meh, what's the point?

I asked my dad what he thinks of Nihilism...

He said, "Does it matter?"

I'd consider Nihilism,

but does it even matter?

You know why I like nihilism?

No reason

I tried nihilism...

But I just didn't care for it at all.

I have no ides what's Nihilism

It means nothing to me

I was going to write a book about Existential Nihilism...

But then I realized that it doesn't even matter.

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I hate Nihilism ...

It's meaningless!

I asked my philosophy prof about Nihilism

He said it was all pointless.

What's so funny about Nihilism?


I don't research Nihilism anymore.

What's the point?

Why did the French monarchy embrace nihilism in the absence of a dauphin?

Because they no longer had a *porpoise*

Do you know what matter to me?

my nihilism

I was going to try and convert my friend to nihilism.

But I decided it would be pointless.

My friend introduced me to this new concept Nihilism

He explained me all the stuff and i asked him how do we exactly pronounce it.

That's how I lost a friend.

I accidentally ripped some pages from my book about nihilism.

They probably didn't matter.

I don't believe in atheism

I'm not sure about agnosticism

nihilism means nothing to me.

Not sure why...

I wanted to make a joke about nihilism, and several came to mind. Felt like it defeated the purpose though, making something out of nothing.

My friend had his assignment on plagiarism stolen so he copied mine.

He then proceeded to take a course on Nihilism but it ended up not having a meaningful impact on his transcript.

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