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  1. I'm confused. My professor told me Nietzsche was 'an atheist who worshiped at the altar of nihilism'. Is nothing sacred?
  2. If you want to destroy science, you are a fundamentalist; if you want to destroy spiritual theology, you are a scientist; if you want to destroy both, you are Nietzsche
  3. The dyslexic book club is reading Nietzsche. They just got to the part where the dog dies.
  4. Nietzsche tells a joke. A man walks into a bar.
    The man sees himself sitting at a booth in the bar.
    The bar blinks out of existence.
    God is dead.
  5. What do you call the corner of the market that specializes in philosophy? A Nietzsche market!
  6. There's actually very little demand for nihilist merchandise. I guess it's a Nietzsche market.
  7. I have a knack for philosophical puns... I guess you could say I have really found my nietzsche.
  8. Some people ask 'why' to determine a motive, I ask 'why' because I don't believe there's any logical reason to do anything. -Nietzsche on the habits of road crossing chickens
  9. What did Nietzsche tell his editor when he finished writing Thus Spoke Zarathustra? It's over, man.
  10. This is some very old university graffitti that's probably forgotten by now, so I'm posting it Descartes: to be is to do
    Nietzsche: to do is to be
    Sinatra: do be do be do

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  1. Haegel, Nietzsche and Aristotle walk into a bar... Why?
  2. 1 in 10 philosophers buys into egoism. It's a Nietzsche market.
  3. Why is it hard to sell bibles in Germany?
    Because it's a Nietzsche Market.
  4. I have a german philosophy joke, but I don't think you'll get it It's pretty Nietzsche
  5. Why can't Nietzsche use pencils? Because they're all pointless
  6. Not many people are interested in philosophy. It's a nietzsche area
  7. Well now that Nietzsche won the prize for Best German Philosopher... Immanuel Kant.
  8. Why isn't there a lot of advertising aimed at philosophers? It's a Nietzsche market
  9. I wanted to open a forum about the death of God but it's a pretty Nietzsche topic.
  10. I'm launching an app that reads out nihilist quotes. It's aimed at a Nietzsche market
  11. Nietzsche declared God dead, Jesus Declared God Dad.
  12. How does Nietzsche feel about the summer weather? It's humid, all-too-humid.
  13. Nietzsche's girlfriend asks him 'Nietzsche, what's wrong?' Nietzsche: 'nothing.'
  14. What was Nietzsche's biggest problem? Nothing.
  15. Hey Nietzsche what's your new dog's name?

Nietzsche joke, Hey Nietzsche what's your new dog's name?

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My friends are concerned I'm spending all my free time studying esoteric, difficult philosophy, unable to either improve or leave it behind.

I'm Locke into Confucious Nietzsche Hobbes, in a Plato but can't Descartes it.

Plato and Nietzsche walk into a bar

They both order beers and after a while Nietzsche turns to Plato and says "This glass is half empty."
Plato reply's "What glass?"

Nietzsche joke, Plato and Nietzsche walk into a bar