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18 year old: Dad I turn 18 today!

Dad: great, I'm taking you the strip club tonight.

18 year old: No, I already said I didn't want that.

Dad: Nicole, someone needs to work in this house.

My bird Nicole flew away.

Now I have a Nicoless Cage.

So Nicole Scherzinger has gone from Lewis Hamilton to Ed Sheeran... Guess orange really is the new black.

β€žMom, I'm almost 18 now. Ashley and Nicole always wear the hottest outfits in school and their parents don't mind. So please, please can I wear the short black skirt and the cute white top tomorrow?

β€žFor the last time Robert, no!!!

Ford is working on a special edition O.J. Simpson Bronco

But instead of white it will be Nicole Brown with blood red interior

I recently found out my wife Nicole is allergic to Toby, my golden retriever

It was really hard leaving the pound without Nicole

So Nicole Scherzinger has went from Lewis Hamilton to Ed Sheeran...

Well, you know what they say...
Orange is the new black.

What did OJ say to Nicole just before he killed her?

*Your waiter will be with you in a moment, ma'am*.

(was reading an OJ post in another sub and remembered this one.)

What's the difference between

Nicole Simpson and Princess Dianna?
Princess Di was killed ~ by a white man ~ in a black car.

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