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Funny Nickelodeon Jokes and Puns

I just turned on nickelodeon and saw bob the builder building a wall...

... to keep Dora from exploring.

Nickelodeon - Casually ask your daughter who that actress' is...

Then take your laptop to the bathroom.

Everything is so political nowadays

I turned on nickelodeon to see Bob the builder building a wall so Dora couldn't explore.

What does Eevee evolve into when you pour buckets of slime on it?


Did you hear that Vince Gilligan (of Breaking Bad fame) is now working for Nickelodeon?

The first show he's signed on to do is The Adventures of Skinny Pete & Pete

What do you call a cheap British cinema?

a Nickelodeon

A bunch of Nickelodeon characters go dancing, what do they nickname the best dancer?

Spongebob SquareDance

A Nickelodeon fan and a Namco enthusiast walk into a bar.

The Nickelodeon fan says to him, "Yo, do you dig Doug?"

An Existential Question

If given the choice between eating outside and watching the Nickelodeon network, what would you do?

I'd pick Nick.

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