Neutrons Jokes

What are some Neutrons jokes?

Scientists say the universe is full of protons, neutrons and electrons.

But they forgot to mention morons.

A guy wants to build a nuke. He goes to a supplier and asks...

"How much are the protons?"

"A dime a dozen, and the neutrons are free of charge."

I tried to pay my friend for the neutrons he sent me, but he said they were free of charge

Special shop sale:

electrons: 10 cents

protons: 10 cents

neutrons: free of charge

Science/nre joke

What particles in a reactor are the happiest?

Delayed neutrons.

What is satan's favourite chemical?

Carbon. because it has 6 protons 6 neutrons and 6 electrons

At one point in time...

we thought atoms represented the smallest unit of matter. Although initially thought to be indivisible, this was proven false and each atom is made up of proton, neutrons, and electrons inside.

For a time these were the smallest units, then we found that these protons and neutrons were made up of particles called quarks and leptons, which are infinitely smaller. These were the smallest units in existence.

However, as science is always evolving, it has recently been proven that infinitely smaller than even these quarks and leptons is the number of people who have actually changed any political opinion because of what someone shared on Facebook.

I took two protons and two neutrons to my friend's birthday

That's what makes a party cool

what kind of cookies do atoms eat?

Fig neutrons

Why don't neutrons cost anything?

They're always given free of charge.

The world is made of Protons, Electrons, and Neutrons...

What about morons?

Why do neutrons make great criminals?

They never get charged with anything.

What do British nuclear engineers eat?

Fig Neutrons.

Ever notice how at subatomic levels, everything starts rhyming?

You've got muons and gluons, protons and neutrons, but that higgs boson, what a radical.

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