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A neurologist was diagnosing a patient who lost his ability to do basic math

"What's 9 plus 9?
12 .
What's 8 and 8?
10 .
The doctor shook his head. Very interesting. What about 6 times 5?
The man thought for a second, and answered 1E .
Aha, I've figured it out! The doctor said. Somebody's clearly put a hex on you.

A neurosurgeon is preparing his patient for a brain transplant...

He tells the patient: "Would you like a woman's brain or a man's brain?"
"Why are there options?" the patient asks.
"Well," replies the Surgeon, "the woman's brain is half the price of the man's!
"Why is it half price?" asks the man.
"Because it's used!"

Neuroscientists have discovered a commonly-consumed food which nearly eliminates the female s**... drive.

Wedding cake.

What did the first neuron say to the other neuron?

I'm excited!

I went to a neurosurgeon who was once a demolitions expert

He blew my mind

Why did the neurologist go to an African animal university?

He wanted to study the hippocampus.

Why do neurologists think they're God?

Because they can turn any animal into a vegetable!

Why didn't the neuron cross the road ?

It was Nervous

Why did the neuron go to jail?

Because he was charged with a salt.

Neuro joke, Why did the neuron go to jail?

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Neuro joke, Why did the neuron go to jail?

Neuro joke, Why did the neuron go to jail?