Networking Jokes

What are some Networking jokes?

Saw "IT" last night

Far less "computer networking" and so much more "murderous clowning" than anticipated

Google+ is like the gym of social networking.

We all join it, but nobody uses it.

How did pirates communicate before the internet?

Pier to Pier Networking

Did you know that you can transfer into a much higher paying job in IT with almost no training?

Apparently its all about networking...

The Good News: I landed a job at Dreamworks thanks to the Bumblr app's networking feature

The Bad News: I'm working on the Bee Movie 2.

A Man Walks Into A Bar.

Ten years of hard work and savvy networking later, he runs a highly successful law firm.

Did you hear about the chaos at a Networking manufacturer?

It was Panic at the Cisco.

What is the difference between a dictator and an entrepreneurial networking events organizer?

One capitalizes on socialism and the other socializes on capitalism.

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