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Why aren't the police making any neo-nazi arrests in murder cases?

There's no dental records and all the DNA matches

Why do neo-nazis drink milk?

Because they hate juice

In an upcoming film, Matthew McConaughey is going to play a Neo-Nazi

He's gonna be alt-right, alt-right, alt-right.

Why do neo-Nazis always order milk at the cafeteria?

They hate the juice.

A Chinese Neo-Nazi started a Facebook page

So far it has gotten three reichs

How did the Tinder user get stuck on a date with a neo-Nazi?

She swiped alt-right.

A woman asks her friend whether she should date an anti-semite.

Friend: "He sounds really nice!"

Woman: "I know...but he's always spouting unsubstantiated, racist nonsense, marching, and carrying around some sort of sign."

Friend: "Oh, he's a Neo-Nazi. That's a huge red flag."

What did the Neo-Nazi say to his daughter's fiancee?

You're an alt-right guy.

Why did Matthew McConaughey become a neo-nazi?

Because he is

How many Neo-Nazis does it take to change a light bulb?

If they knew how, maybe they wouldn't need all those torches...

What did the Neo-Nazi say to the extremist Muslim?

So what are we going to do about the Jewish problem?

What do you call a neo-nazi that's burst into flames

A fire cracker

Why don't neo-nazis use the forward button on their browsers?

Because they Alt-Right instead.

What is the most common ingredient in the neo-nazi cookbook?


What did the Neo-Nazi type onto his computer?


What do neo-Nazis do on Hitler's birthday?

Heil if I know

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