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The Best jokes about Ned

What kind of sunglasses does Ned Flanders wear?

Oakley Dokelys

What exercise does Ned Flanders do at the gym?

Diddly squat

What kind of exercise does Ned Flanders like to do?


What's Ned Stark's favorite cereal?

Raisin Bran

What's a sharks least favourite name?


So I have my Alexa set up to tell me joke when I say goodnight, last night it told me that joke...and I can't work it out?! I have searched for it online, and other people have searched for it but no one has seemed to find out what it means.

Am I being stupid and missing something obvious? Did I have a half asleep fever-dream and imagine this non-joke?

What kind of workouts does Ned Flanders do?


What does Kellogg's have in common with Ned and Catelyn Stark?

They're both responsible for Raisin' Bran.

I'm the daughter of Ned Stark!


Ned Stark's death was foretold in his daughter's name

Because when he died, she was sans a Stark

Where does Ned Flanders pick up women?

On OkilyDokilyCupid

What do you call a religious guy from Belgium?

Ned Flanders

What exercise did Ned Flanders use to convince Homer Simpson to lose weight?

He said all Homer had to do was diddly squat...

What's Ned Flanders favourite Pokemon

Nidorino..... cough cough...

Use only working piadas for adults and blagues for friends.

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