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I had to return my Bonnie Tyler Sat Nav

It kept telling me to turn around, and every now and then it fell apart

I've been trying to make a sat nav for shepherds...

...but all it keeps saying is "please make a Ewe turn where possible."

What did the Sat Nav say to the Arab?

You have arrived at your dusty nation.

Worst present ever was a Bonnie Tyler sat Nav.....

Keeps telling me to turn around and every now and then it falls apart....

Can someone buy Chris Rea a sat nav?

He's been driving home for Christmas since 1986!

So you think your Christmas gift was bad? I got a Bonnie Tyler Sat Nav

It keeps telling me to "turn around" and every now and then it falls apart...

Actual conversation with Country Harvest about the launch of their new website.

Agent: Yeah so we're gonna need you to slice up those images and tag the categories.

Web Developer: Ok what about the products?

Agent: Put them in a box.

Web Developer: And the sub nav?

Agent: Yes, use breadcrumbs.

Web Developer: Ok great.

Agent: Let me know if any problems arise, we gotta get this wrapped up by this afternoon or we're toast!

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