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Why did Elon Musk send a Tesla into outer space?

When NASA sent a Challenger up, it didn't go so well.

Why Does NASA Have No Competition?

Because they destroyed their last challenger.

What does NASA stand for

Need Another Seven Astronauts

Instead of trying to find intelligent life on other planets, NASA should...

...Try to find some in the White House. It might prove to be more of a challenge.

In honor of The Challenger disaster: proof that I have no soul.

How do we know Christa McAuliffe had dandruff?
Her head and shoulders washed up on the shore.
It was said that Christa's pupils were hit the hardest... by the instrument panel.
As she left for work that day she said to her husband "you feed the dog, i'll feed the fish."
How do you know her eyes were blue?
One blew one way the other blew another way.
Christa used to teach Social Studies she's History
What does NASA stand for? Need another seven astronauts.

NASA Space shuttles Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis, Enterprise, and Endeavor all flew successfully. So why did Challenger fail?

Because you experience 0 G's in space.

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