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Looking for a way to broaden your horizons? Then it's time to expand your palette of jokes by looking at the smaller things in life. \"Narrow Jokes\" is an in-depth look at the comedy potential of tight lanes and narrow boats. Get ready to dive in and see what surprises these little things can bring!

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Funniest Narrow Short Jokes

Short narrow jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The narrow humour may include short broad jokes also.

  1. I almost got killed because my Superman cloak wasn't the correct size. It was a narrow "S" cape.
  2. A Jewish kid asks his dad for $50 His dad narrows his eyes and says "Forty dollars? What do you need thirty dollars for?"
  3. My mother asked me why I no longer talk to my fat, gay friend... I'm back on the straight and narrow.
  4. I'm still undecided for the upcoming election... But I've narrowed my choices down to Mexico or Canada based on moving costs.
  5. I don't think kids today should be forced to choose their gender.. ..but perhaps they should be forced to narrow it down to their top 5.
  6. We optical engineers are often called "narrow-focused" and "myopic". But, when viewed through the right lens, we represent a diverse spectrum of light-hearted people.
  7. My dad was trying to narrow down the best light to use for each room in our house. It was a process of illumination.
  8. A committee has narrowed the search for a name for the newly hypothesised 9th planet. It's between Urpenis and Urvagina.
  9. Two hunters were driving down a narrow two lane road in an off-road jeep, and saw a sign that said 'Bear Left'... They turned around and went home.
  10. The Thai rescue divers were given tight trunks to wear as they maneuvered through the narrow caves So they wouldn't Bangkok.

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Narrow One Liners

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  1. How often did the architect have to put long narrow paths in his blueprints? Hallways
  2. What advice would you give a narrow tree? Branch out.
  3. What is Long and narrow and becomes bigger when given a blow ? A balloon.
  4. I'm like Hank Hill when I'm in an argument. Stern, no nonsense, and my u**... narrows.

Narrow joke, I'm like Hank Hill when I'm in an argument.

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What's black, white, and red all over and can't turn around in a narrow hallway?

A nun with a spear through her head.

A woman arrives at the Pearly Gates...

...and meets Saint Peter. She says, "I was supposed to look up my husband when I got here."
Saint Peter asks, "What's his name?"
She answers, "Smith."
Saint Peter replies, "I've got hundreds of thousands of Smiths here, could you narrow it down a little?"
She responds, "His name is John Smith."
Saint Peter says, "I got thousands of John Smiths here, could you narrow it down a little?"
She answers, "He's got red hair."
He replies, "I have hundreds of red haired John Smiths here, could you narrow it down a little?"
She responds, "Well, he told me to always remain faithful to his memory, or else he'd roll over in his grave!"
Saint Peter says, "Oh, you mean Pinwheel Smith!"

The man of Latvian walk street when...

...see the police cab is drive backward.
Man make questioning of police, "why drive the backward?" Officer of Policing respond, "Road narrow. We try to turning around!" Man thinking this is fine; keeping of walk.
Much time in future, man see same polices drive backwards, in opposite direction. Askings, "why the driving in opposite way?" Polices: "We turned around!"

Two Nuns On Bikes

Two nuns, Maria and Angelica, are riding their bicycles on their way to work at the Vatican. They're running late, so Maria says, "I know a shortcut. Let's go down this alley." They turn right onto the alley, which soon becomes a narrow cobblestone road, with many twists and turns. Angelica remarks, "wow, I never came this way before." Maria tells her, "it's the cobblestones."

Ranji is a 9yr old boy living in Namibia.

Can you spare just $2.00? Ranji is a 9yr old boy living in Namibia. He has only 1 leg, 1 arm and 1 eye. Each day he has to ride 7 miles to school along a narrow road on a rusty bike with bent wheels, no brakes and only 1 pedal. If you send us just $2, we will send you the video - its hilarious.

comeback is real!

A professor and a fool
A professor was walking along a very narrow hall when he came face to face with a rival.
The passage way was too narrow for two to pass.
The rival, pulling himself up to his full height, said with a sneer,
I never make way for fools!
Smiling, the Gracious Professor stepped aside and with a bow replied, I Always Do.

The job interviewer asked about my previous experience.

"Well," I began, "I got the bus. Got lost for a while, walked down some narrow roads and I ended up here."

Can you spare just $2.00?

Can you spare just $2.00? Ranji is a 9 year old boy living in Namibia in Africa. He has only one leg, and is blind in one eye. Every day he goes seven miles along a narrow road on his rusty bike with no brakes to get to school. If you can send just $2.00 . . . We'll send you the video! It's hilarious!

He's so narrowminded....

....he can look through a keyhole with both eyes at once.

Two men escape an asylum

Two men are in a mental asylum. One day they decide to escape and find there way on the roof. On the roof, just across this narrow gap, they see the rooftops that stretch away to freedom. Now, the first guy, he jumps right across with no problem. But his friend, his friend did not dare make the leap. His friend was afraid of falling. So then, the first guy got an idea. He says 'Hey! I have my flashlight with me! I'll shine it across the gap between the buildings. You can walk along the beam and join me!' But the second guy just shakes his head. He says 'Wh-what do you think I am? Crazy? You'd turn it off when I was half way across!'

My calculus teacher kept pulling up internet videos.

I really think he needed to stay on the straight and narrow; he went off on too many tangents.

Ever seen a Canadian standoff?

It's like a Mexican standoff, but instead of 2 guys with guns it's two guys who keep trying to let the other go through a narrow door way. "Oop, sorry. Oop, sorry"

"Hey Nerd, who brings a friggin book to a bar?!"

*My eyes narrow as I close my worn copy of Advanced Techniques for Winning Bar Brawls*

Helvetica Narrow walks into a bar, #walksintoabar

Barman says "sorry don't we serve your type"

Have you heard the one about the guy that spent years looking for the perfect pair of shoes that ended up being way too narrow?

It was sole-crushing.

Why can't Pocohontas kill a deer or escape from jail?

Because she doesn't have a narrow head!
My dad just made this one up at supper.

It's great how computers are able to narrow down potential candidates with resumes...

makes it easier to find and kill those who have the potential to stop them.

I narrowly escaped the Annual Kleptomaniac Convention with my life...

What do you get when two Canadians are trying to pass each other in a narrow hallway?

A sorry state of affairs.

Those people who are against gay marriage and say...

''In Genesis it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve'', are so narrow minded..

Everyone knows that in Genesis it was Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford..

2 guys locked in a lunatic asylum.

See, there were 2 guys locked in a lunatic asylum. One night, they decided to escape. They made it up to the rooftop, across this narrow gap, they see rooftops. Stretching out into freedom.
The first guy, he jumps across no problem. But his friend, nope, afraid of falling. First guy thinks of an idea, he says "hey, i got this flashlight with me, I'll shine it across the gap between the buildings and you can walk across the beam and join me!"
The 2nd guy says, "what do you think i am, crazy? you'll just turn it off when i'm half way across!"
*source, the joker tells batman this joke, batman laughs w/ him for the first time. *

The morning of his birthday, Timmy told his mom, I had a dream I got a BB Gun for my birthday. What do you think that dream means?

You'll know what it means tonight, Timmy's mom said with an encouraging smile. That night, after the birthday cake, Timmy's mom came in with a long narrow package and gave it to her son. Timmy tore the box open. Finally I get a BB gun, he thought. But he thought wrong. The box was empty except for a book called The Meaning of Dreams.

Someone told me that I have a very narrow worldview

Well... that's how we Asians see things.

‪If you want to make heaven, you must watch your weight...‬

‬ ‪Because The road is very narrow.

A thief stole a sine and a cosine.

He took the two identities to a beach. However, they were too heavy for him to carry.  He wanted to keep them under the sand, but the beach was so narrow that it could only contain one of them: sine or cosine.
He decided that, using his mathematical skills, that he would stack sine over cosine - but that resulted in tan! He did not want to get tan. So he stacked cosind over sine...
and then he got cot.

It would be hard to narrow down who the best salesman in the world is.

I personally believe it's the first man to sell a blind person sunglasses.

The president is walking down a narrow hallway

Mitch McConnell was walking down the hallway in the same direction but, being half-tortoise, was moving far slower.
Trump pushes past him, shouting, "Get outta my way!"
McConnell says, "Pardon me, Mr. President."
Trump stops and turns around. "I didn't know you worked on my campaign. What did they get you for?"

Little known fact #376: In Norway they have problems with herds of wild horses destroying the delicate eco systems around their narrow inlets.

They plan to start exporting Fjord Mustangs.

The merry widow dies and goes to heaven

When she gets to the pearly gates she asks if she can be reunited with her late husband.
St Peter: "What's his name?"
Her: "Ted Smith."
St Peter: "We've got many, many Ted Smiths up here. Help me narrow it down. Where was he buried and what were his last words?"
Her: "He was buried in Woodbank Cemetery and his last words to me were that if I ever slept with another man, he'd turn in his grave."
St Peter: "Oh right, whirling Ted Smith."

A driver was reversing his truck up a hill on a narrow gravel track

A hiker saw him and asked, why don't you drive up in forward?
Driver: It is a narrow track, in case I don't find a place to turn up there
Hiker: oh, clever
After a while the hiker sees the same driver reversing down hill
Hiker: what happened?
Driver: I found a place to turn

My daughter told me she wanted to go on an expensive vacation to Norway to travel inland on a small boat along the narrow water passages with steep cliffs on either side…

I said hmmm… canoe fjord it??

Narrow joke, I don't think kids today should be forced to choose their gender..

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