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A new doctor was going on rounds at the asylum...

A new doctor was going on rounds at the asylum. He talks to one man and asked him, "Who are you?".

The patient replied,"I, sir, am Napoleon".

"How do you know you are Napoleon," asks the Doctor.

"God told me," and a voice from the next bed shouted out "I did not!"

Why did Napoleon return from exile?

He needed more Elba room.

Why couldn't Napoleon ride the big rides at the carnival?

Because He's dead.

Napoleon joke, Why couldn't Napoleon ride the big rides at the carnival?

Where did Napoleon keep his armies?


Best used with little kids, or followed by maniacal laughter.

You know what Popeye and Napoleon have in common?

They both come on those little jugs of Olive Oil.

Late one night at the insane asylum one patient shouted, "I am Napoleon!"

A person in another room said,Β "How do you know?" The first patient said,Β "God told me!" Just then, a voice from another room shouted,

"I did not!"

Why didn't Napoleon get his wish?

Because he couldn't pull the wish Bonaparte.

Napoleon joke, Why didn't Napoleon get his wish?

What do you call a French General who charged into battle and died?

Napoleon Blownaparte

Why didn't Napoleon qualify for the urgent marrow transplant?

They couldn't get his bonepart

Where does Napoleon keep his armies?

In his sleevies.

This guy named Napoleon asked me to join his army. I said yes.

I was just happy to be aparte of things

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Why you shouldn't ask Napoleon for money

He's a bit short

They say Napoleon got the shakes whenever he put on his uniform...

Modern scholars believe he may have had epaulettesy.

Can Napoleon return to his place of birth?

Of Corsican.

"Fake News, inevitably, will be the end of us all!"

- Napoleon Bonaparte after Buzzfeed posted an article titled "10 Shortest Dynasties (Literally)"

What do you call a french terrorist?

Napoleon Blown apart

Napoleon joke, What do you call a french terrorist?

I'll tell you what I know about Napoleon

Very little

[NSFW] What do you call a French suicide bomber?

Napoleon Blown-Apart

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"Fake News, inevitably, will be the death of us all"

(~Napoleon Bonaparte; Washington Post Chief Editor circa 1612 A.D.)

Napoleon got shot right in the shin

It tore his bone apart

I heard that there was a French military leader who used to extract bone marrow.

His name was Napoleon Bone apart

What happens when you shoot Napoleon with a cannon?

He becomes Napoleon Blownaparte.

What did Napoleon say when he arrived at the banquet?

Bon, a partay!

What do you call a French conqueror who stands too close to a bomb?

Napoleon Blown-apart

What happens when you give Eevee a French stone?

You get a Napoleon

Someone asked me if I could tell them what nationality napoleon was?

I said Corsican

Napoleon was the best general the french ever had.

He managed to surrender twice.

The Russian winter...

...helped the Russian people defeat Hitler during WW2 and Napoleon before him. This year it invaded the USA on its own.

What do you call a skeleton who conquers Europe?

Napoleon Bonyparts.

What do you call a French general after being hit by a cannonball?

Napoleon Blown-aparteο»Ώ

What happened to Napoleon after he crashed in the Tour de France?

Well, I never heard, but that tore Napoleon's bones apart.

What do you call Napoleon after he stepped on a land mine?

Napoleon Blownaparte

Napoleon wore a red shirt so no one could see him bleed if he was shot.

Hitler wore brown pants

Why did Napoleon conquer so much land?

Because he didn't have much Toulouse.

I started dating my friend's sister and he says we're now Napoleon friends

Because we're only a bone apart.

What happened to Napoleon when he got hit by a cannonball?

He became Napoleon BLOWNapart.

Credits: YT/recycledcitizen

What happened when Napoleon went to mount Olive?

Popeye got pissed

Contrary to what historians will tell you, Napoleon had a more horrific death.

It turns out, the military leader had walked over an active land mine causing it to explode. Body parts were strewn all over the place. Yeah. That's right. Napoleon was Blown-apart!

Why doesn't Napoleon watch Game of Thrones?

Because Winter is Coming

There was a young French artillery officer, who had notions of grandeur, that is, until the day he stood too close to a firing cannon

He thought he was Napoleon, but he was actually blown-a-part.

What do you call Napoleon hit by a cannonball?

Napoleon Blown Apart.

How do you make Chicken Napoleon?

You use only the bony parts.

I heard they exhumed the remains of a legendary French leader, and disassembled his skeleton into 206 separate pieces...

Napoleon bone-apart

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