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  1. TIL, Big Ben was named after Sir Benjamin Hall who oversaw the installation of the Bell.... Thankfully, his brother Richard reported sick that day .
  2. Good names Barry McCockinner
    Ben Dover
    Eileen Dover
    Dr. Hugh G. Rection
    Give me other ones
  3. An old Jedi master named Ben stole Luke Skywalker's last pastry. Angrily, Luke shouted after him as he ran away, Hey, you Owe Me One Canoli!
  4. We all know how Bill cheated on Hillary with Monica Lewinsky. Well, did you hear that Hillary cheated on Bill with somebody named Ben Ghazi?
  5. George Zimmerman has officially changed his name to Ben Gahzi The Obama administration has refused comment stating "what does it matter now?"
  6. Bert and Ernie are working at Ben and j**...'s when Bert invents a new flavor. He asks, "Ernie, will you name this flavor?" "Sure, Bert."
  7. Did you hear Ben and j**...'s are naming a flavor in honor of j**... Sandusky? They are calling it Raspberry Turnover
  8. Despite things not going President Trump's way with the Mueller probe, he still has something cool happening for him. Ben and j**... are naming an ice cream after him. It's called imPeach-Mint.

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  1. Did you hear ben dover has a sister? Yeah, her name is Ilene Dover
  2. Our car delivered a baby boy, we named the baby Ben. Ben Carson.
  3. My friend's name is Ben Doberman and his wife's name is Ima h**...
  4. A r**... made a pornhub account... His p**.../stage name was Ben Dover

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I'm a teacher...

Today I had a new student in my class.
I asked him his name, and he said his name was Ben, and that he has just moved from Germany.
So I asked him how old he was, and he said "9!" So I slapped him. I will not tolerate insolence in my classroom.

A navy crew aboard a submarine are called by their initials...

A new recruit joins the crew, his name Ben Olivander. His crew-mates consist of Fredrick Udell, Collin Kilmer, Oscar Chase, and Owen Omar Faber.
BO is quickly made fun of by OC, although FU, c**..., and OOF enjoy BO's company as he is funny and kind. Due to this, OC is somewhat outcasted on board and nobody likes him.
The captain later comes in as OC is complaining about his poor treatment.
BO, FU, c**..., and OOF, why are you guys so rude to one of our members!
Why doesn't anyone on this sub like OC!?