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Funniest Nail Salon Short Jokes

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  1. It's my dream to open a dentist office/manicure salon I'm fighting tooth and nail to make it happen
  2. In the end, I decided not to visit that new Police Hair & Nail Salon. You hear all kinds of bad things about Police Beautality.
  3. If the Mexicans are taking all of the jobs, then why do Koreans still rule the nail salons? Because Tu is better than Juan.

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Nail Salon One Liners

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  1. Why did Jesus go to the salon? To get his nails done
  2. Why did the beauty salon overcharge jesus? Because he has extra nails
  3. Why did the man with bipolar go to the nail salon? Because they offer manic cures
  4. What does a woman with a missing finger get at the nail salon? 10% off.
  5. I'm going to open a half-assed nail salon... It's going to be called 'Just The Tips'.
  6. TIL Tom Petty had a brother that owned his own nail salon Manny Petty
  7. What does the r**... get done at the nail salon? A predicure.
  8. Why did h**... visit the nail salon? Because he wanted to buy Polish remover

Nail Salon Funny Jokes And Hilarious Puns.

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A flustered carpenter holding a hammer entered a premise. The ladies in there gaped. Finally, the lady at the counter asked: "What's up?"

"Thought this was a nail salon..." he muttered, before hurrying off.