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Which mythical creature casts no reflection?

All of them, technically.

What would Rhett do if Link died?

Good Mythical Mourning.

My favorite mythical creature

is a satisfied woman

Mythical joke, My favorite mythical creature

What mythical creature always gets lost?

A where-wolf

What did one mythical sea creature say to the other?

What's kraken?

What mythical creature keeps time for trains at the station?

A metro-gnome

What do you call the mythical creature that is half horse, half virologist?

The Centaur for disease control.

Mythical joke, What do you call the mythical creature that is half horse, half virologist?

What would Dwane Johnson be if he transformed into a giant mythical bird?

He'd be The Roc.

Which mythical creature has the hardest time reproducing?

A Unic- horn.

A Warrior Cuts off the head of a Hydra formed by fusing 8 mythical beast,

and 2 heads Grows in it place,

he cuts those off and 4 grows,

he cuts those off and 8 grows,

he cuts those off and 16 grows,

he cuts those off and 32 grows,

he cuts those off and 64 grows,

he cuts those off and 128 grows,

he cuts those off and the Hydra Dies because the Hydra was made of 8 bits.

What do you do when you want to find a mythical location on a map?

Well legend has it...

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What do you get when YouTubers Rhett & Link pass away?

Good Mythical Mourning

What do you call a quiet mythical sea creature?

A murmurmaid

How do you describe a mythical cow?


Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, an honest lawyer, and a hobo are walking down the street when they simutaneously see a $100 bill. Who gets it?

The hobo. The rest are mythical creatures.

The paraplegic mythical creature wasn't walking...

He was draggin!

Mythical joke, The paraplegic mythical creature wasn't walking...

What do you call a mythical milkshake?


(credits to my friend Edward Feng for this really dumb pun)

What does a mythical horse wear?

A uniform

What do you call a mythical being working in a smoothie store?


A quiz just asked me what mythical creature I relate to..

So I chose unicorn because I'm bright, colourful, and nobody believes in me.

Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, an honest lawyer, and a drunk man are walking down a road. They see a coin on the floor. Who picks it up?

The drunk man. The other three are mythical creatures.

What's your favourite mythical country?

Narnia, Middle-Earth, Asgard or Taiwan?

[Possibly OC] Objectifying women has been going on since mythical times.

For example, in Greek mythology, a female elf was called a Shelf.

Did you hear about the driver who collided with a mythical creature at a traffic intersection?

He turned into a werewolf.

Amateur reporting in a nutshell

Look, a mythical creature! Quick, grab the worst camera we've got!

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