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What is the difference between a hyper-active gamer and someone with a predilection of violence towards sheep?

One's a button masher, and the other is a mutton basher.

What do you get when you cross a sheep stealer with royalty?

Mutton Looter King

A sacrificial lamb is really nothing more than

a mutton for punishment.

A sheep finds a penny on the street

"Better than mutton."

How do you know when mutton has expired?

It tastes baa-d.

I have been thinking about sheep a lot lately.

I guess I am a glutton for mutton.

Sick horse

Once upon a time, a horse got really sick, and the vet said to the farmer that he must put it down if he didn't recover in three days.

The sheep heard everything and ran to the horse and said: Get up , but the horse was very tired. The sheep did the same in the next day with no luck at all. And on the third day, he said: Get up or they'll kill you . And the scared horse got up on his feet really quick.

The farmer said: What a good news. Dinner is at my house tonight, friends. We're having mutton .

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