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A pirate walks into the kitchen and announces:

A pirate walks into the kitchen and announces:

"Someone call fer me?"

I look down at my homework, and back up at the pirate and say, "uhhh, I was just trying to figure out how to do this problem, nothing a pirate could help with."

The pirate walks menacingly toward me, and I consider whether to run or stay put.

"It's... ...uhhh... these circles... math...," I mutter, terrified.

"Arrrrrrr-ea? Well, every pirate knows that. It's 'Arrrrr pi Arrrrr'"

I was taking a stroll through the town when i saw a midget go up to a black man, and mutter a racial slur

I turn to my friend and say, That's a little racist

People seem to think I come from Kent.

I hear them mutter the word as I walk past.

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