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My neighbor traded in his KIA yesterday.

Sold his Soul for a Mustang.

Three men walk into a car part store...

I need taillights for a Mustang the first one says. What year? the employee asks. 2015 he answers. There you go , the worker hands in the parts. The second guy goes to the counter, saying I need a steering wheel for a Mustang . What year?
1997 he answers. There you go . After he payed, the third guy comes to the counter. I need rear suspensions for a Mustang . There you go .

Two Alabama State Troopers

Two Alabama state troopers were chasing a Mustang on I-20 East towards Georgia. When the suspect crossed the state line, the first trooper pulled over quickly.

The rookie trooper parked behind him and asked, "Hey, Sarge, why'd you stop?"

The sergeant replied, "Ah, he's in Georgia now. They're an hour ahead of us, so we ain't ever gonna catch him."

Mustang joke, Two Alabama State Troopers

To tell me my zipper was open, a girl tells me, "your garage is open"

I said, "did you see my ford mustang gt super sport?"

She said "No, but i did see your mini cooper with two flat tires"

Did you hear about the guy who made his Mustang go faster by removing the wheels?

His horse really sucked at using rollerskates.

An Alabama cop is sitting behind a billboard on the highway doing radar.

Suddenly he sees a teenager in a Mustang fly by him doing 125mph in a 60mph zone.

He flips on his lights and goes after the kid finally catching up to him 2-miles down the road.

The cop walks up to the Mustang and says "Son, I been wait'n fer you all day!"

The kid replies "Sorry Officer, I got here as fast as I could!"

I saw a mustang by the bar today.

I said "why the long face?"

Mustang joke, I saw a mustang by the bar today.

What do you call getting hot boxed in a classic Mustang?

A high standard

If Mustangs meet on the streets, and Ferrari's meet in the track, where do Jeeps meet?

The repair shop.

Drake like his women like...

I like my Mustang... 47 years old.

What do you call a mustang in Canada ?

A moosetang!

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What did one Amish guy say to the other?

Nice Mustang.

2019 Mustang was announced at the Geneva motor show.

It was a real hit with the crowds

Why didn't the man get a Mustang?

He couldn't afFord it.

I had my Mustang aligned the other day

But it still keeps pulling towards the crowd...

Did you hear about the accident between the Mustang and the Thunderbird?

Nothing but horseshit and bird feathers all over.

Mustang joke, Did you hear about the accident between the Mustang and the Thunderbird?

Where did the Norwegian purchase his brand new Mustang convertible?

At his local Fjord dealer.

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