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At first I wasn't sure if I liked the mustache

But it's growing on me.

My college graduation was held inside the basketball arena and man was it hot

Musta been like 5,000 degrees in there

Three men are fishing..

Three men are fishing on a pond and no one's catching anything, so to make things interesting one throws in a rock and says "wow did you just see that fish jump!?"
The second guy replies "Nah, how much do you think it weighed," to which the third man, who saw the rock thrown says "Musta weighed at least a stone!"

This happened, I was the third guy, but neither of my buddies got the joke so now I retell it to get the (much deserved) laughs I was supposed to get two weeks ago.

How does a mustache support his family in the event of his untimely death?

By investing in a shavings account.

Mustapha is walking with his wife.

Hassan his friend notices that his wife is walking in front of him and asks: "You know the koran says that the man should walk infront of the wife"? Mustapha:" I am aware what the koran says but this is a minefield".

Ole came home from a long business trip to find his son riding a new 21 speed mountain bike.

"Vere did you get da money for da bike? Dat musta cost $500," he asked.

"It was easy, Dad," little Lars replied. "I earned it hiking."

"Come on Lars," Ole said. "Tell me da truth."

"Dat is da truth Dad!" Lars replied.

"Every night you ver gone, Sven, would come over to see Mom. He'd give me a $10 bill and tell me ta take a hike.

If Mustangs meet on the streets, and Ferrari's meet in the track, where do Jeeps meet?

The repair shop.

What did Mustafa Kemal's dad say to him after he caught the frisbee?


I mustache you a question...

But I'll shave it for later

Father's Mustache

Son: Dad when you die, I'm going to have that mustache shaved off so nobody recognizes you in the coffin.
Dad: It'll already be gone.
Son: What do you mean?
Dad: I'm an organ donor, somebody is gonna want it.

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