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A tough piece of back tarmac is having a pint at the bar.

The bartender notices a muscled red piece of tarmac enter the bar, and asks the black piece if he could take him in a fight.

'Of course mate, he's a fucking bus lane.'

A little while later, a blue piece of tarmac enters the bar. The bartender again asks if the black piece could beat him up.

'Listen, he's a fucking disabled parking space. No problem.'

Shortly after, a green piece of tarmac enters the bar, and once again the bartender asks if the black piece is tougher.

'Oi, keep your bloody voice down! I'm not messing with that guy, he's a fucking cycle path!'


Two Flies in a bar

One fly is sitting at the bar and his friend walks in shivering, covered in frost.

"What's happened to you?" he asks.

"I rode down in here in a big guy's mustache. He got on his motorcycle and just muscled through the storm." The second fly responded.

"Oh, well next time, what you should do is find a beautiful woman with a big bush, snuggle in there and you'll be fine the whole trip."

The next day the first fly is waiting at the bar and the second fly comes in shivering and covered in frost again.

"What happened, didn't you take my advice?" he asks.

"I did, I did," the second fly responds. "I went to sleep nestled down in the bush, and when I woke up I was back in the Biker's Mustache again"


Wanna with saliva or not?

A man goes to prison, As he walks into cell, he is grabbed by a big muscled guy. "Yo freshie. I'm gonna fuck you in the ass. Wanna with saliva or not?" He thinks to himself that if he's gonna be raped, it's better to go wet than dry and says: "Well... With... Saliva..." Big inmate grins, bangs on the nearby cell door and screams: "Yo, Saliva! Get up, freshie wanna get his ass double teamed."


Two Muscled Buff Girls

were at their gym working out one day. About halfway through their workout one of the girls turns to the other and with a very serious face says.
"I'm really thinking about getting off of steroids."

Second girl sets her weights down, "Why would you do that?"

"Well i'm getting hair in unusual places." Says the first girl blushing.

The second girl touches her chest, "Like hair on your chest?"

First girl frowns, "No, on my balls."


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