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Step 1: Be named Muhammed. Step 2: Get some followers.

Step 3: Prophet.

Letter to God

Dear God,

Last week, you took my favorite boxer; Muhammed Ali.
Today, you took my favorite hockey player; Gordie Howe.
I just want to let you know that my favorite candidate is Donald Trump.

What do you call a Muslim organization that rejects Muhammed?

A non-prophet

Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad are fishing on a boat

As Jesus winds down the fishing lesson, he notes the time. He bids them farewell, and walks across the lake home.

After a while, Moses decided he wasn't very good at fishing, so he parted the lake and went home.

Being the last one left, Muhammed ██████████ █████ ████████████████ ██████████ ███████████████ ███████

To settle their differences, Jesus and Muhammed agree to pistols at dawn, Jesus wins...

...because drawing Muhammed is forbidden.

For sale. Muhammed Ali DVD set. George Foreman Grill.

Both boxed.

Buying Muhammed dolls for charity, all prophets go to kids in need.

Two Mothers Are Sitting Together At An Outdoor Café In Baghdad...

**Mother 1**: [*pulls out picture from purse*] "This is my son Abdullah. He would have been 25 now, but, alas... he became a martyr."

**Mother 2**: "Ah, yes I remember when he lost his first tooth..."


**Mother 1**: [*pulls out another picture*] "This is my son Hussein. He would have been 22 now, but, alas... he became a martyr."

**Mother 2**: "Ah, yes. I remember when he took his first steps..."

[*deep sigh*]

**Mother 1**: [*pulls out yet another picture*] "This is my son Muhammed. He would have been 18 now, but, alas... he became a martyr."

**Mother 2**: "Ah, yes. I remember when he was born..."

[*deepest sigh*]

"You know, they blow up so fast!"

If you're ever in bed with a someone and you forget their name.

Just start yelling Muhammed. It's the most common name in the world, so you'll have the highest likelihood of getting it right.

What do you call a muslim, jackie gleason impersonator?

Muhammed muhammed muhammena.

I just finished a painting of Muhammed on a skateboard

I call it "Radical Islam"

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