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Funny Muhammad Jokes and Puns

Today on greatest hits

Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali.

What do you call a Muslim person standing between two buildings?

Muhammad Alley

What do you call a Muslim who's a smart investor?

Profit Muhammad

Muhammad joke, What do you call a Muslim who's a smart investor?

My friends kept saying they saw Muhammad walking around town. They never found him.

I guess he was just a turban legend.

A priest, a rabbi, and the Holy Prophet Muhammad walk into a bar.

The Prophet Muhammad beheads the priest and the rabbi, and burns down the bar.

In light of the Muhammad Ali gif gaining popularity...

Why doesn't Muhammad Ali understand jokes?

[Because he always misses the punchline.](/spoiler)

Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha walks into a bar...

The bartender asks each of them what they want.

Muhammad orders a glass of cranberry juice.

Jesus orders a glass of water, and promptly turns it into wine.

Then the bartender asks Buddha, "what do you want?"

Buddha replies, "Make me one with everything."

Muhammad joke, Muhammad, Jesus and Buddha walks into a bar...

Why was Muhammad a successful merchant?

Because he was god's profit.

What do you call Muhammad Ali after he eats lots of beans?

Gaseous Clay

I was at a urinal when I realized standing to my left was Muhammad Ali and to my right was Michael J. Fox...

bad day to wear sandals.

I recently bought a teddy bear named Muhammad...

for $10. And a week later, sold it for $20. The question is, did I make a Prophet?

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How did Prophet Muhammad split the moon?

By revealing his butt-crack.

Muhammad walks into a bar


Muhammad walks up to the Buddha and says "Guess what a mosque and 9 year old have in common."

I've been in both.

Why couldn't Muhammad pick his wife up from childcare?

Because Muslim girls can't go to school

Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad are fishing on a boat

As Jesus winds down the fishing lesson, he notes the time. He bids them farewell, and walks across the lake home.

After a while, Moses decided he wasn't very good at fishing, so he parted the lake and went home.

Being the last one left, Muhammed ██████████ █████ ████████████████ ██████████ ███████████████ ███████

Muhammad joke, Jesus, Moses, and Muhammad are fishing on a boat

Why did Muhammad cross the road?

You should not question the prophet's motives infidel!

What did they call Muhammad Ali when he got the farts?

Gassius Clay

What is the name of Muhammad Ali's sheep?

Ali BaaBaa.

How many verses did the Prophet Muhammad write?


Thanks for listening.

My favorite drawings at the Muhammad cartoon festival in Texas were the two chalk outlines out front.

Credit Evan Sayet.

Muhammad Ali in 1974: Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

Floyd Mayweather in 2015: Run like a chicken, hug like a bear

The worst thing about Muhammad Ali sending a "Tweet" to Mayweather . . .

Ali couldn't type it and Mayweather couldn't read it.

How does one stab Muhammad Ali?

Hand him a knife...

What would a Jidahist agree with an Islamophobe about?

That Muhammad should not be on the $20 dollar bill.

What do you call Muhammad Ali when he just can't stop farting?

Gassius Clay

Why did Muhammad hire Moses to help with his start-up?

He wanted to double his prophets.

What did Muhammad Ali tell ISIS?

IsIs? Pretty soon y'all gonna be WasWas !

What do they call Muhammad Ali on bean night?

Gaseous Clay

I started a figurine company that specializes in miniature Muhammad statues

We make a small prophet.

Who would win in a fight between Muhammad Ali and Stephen Hawking?


I've always wanted to shake Muhammad Ali's hand

Unfortunately, Parkinson's beat me to it.

So Muhammad Ali is dead...

Is it too soon for a punchline?

What do you call a group of people waiting to fight Muhammad Ali?

A punchline.


Three first-graders are flunking their class. The teacher calls them in and tells them: "I will ask you one question each, if you can answer it, you pass."

"Jim, how do you spell 'Cow'?"

"Jack, how do you spell 'Car'?"

"Muhammad, how do you spell 'Racial discrimination'?"

What do you call a boxer with allergies?

Muhammad Achoo

Muhammad Ali walks into a bar

So Muhammad Ali walks into a bar and orders a drink.

He gives the bartender ceramic money.

The Bartender says "I can't accept this your Cash Is Clay"

What do you call a 53 year old who has sex with a 9 year old?

1.6 billion people call him Muhammad.

What do you call a 58 year old man that has sex with a 9 year old girl?

The Prophet Muhammad.

What did the clerk say to young Muhammad Ali when he tried to purchase an elaborate Christmas present?

You're cashless, Clay.

Why is Aisha a world renowned penetration tester?

Because muhammad taught her from a very young age.

What do you call a surrealist painter that converts to Islam?

Muhammad Dali

What do you call a Muslim flying a plane?

Muhammad, statistically

Did you hear Muhammad Ali burnt his hand in a few fights?

That's what happens when you punch George Foreman in the grill.

What did Muhammad Ali name his son?


We need to start giving hurricanes Arab names

Nobody is going to leave for Irma but if Muhammad was coming the whole country would evacuate

Hey babe, are you Muhammad?

Because no artist would dare try to paint your perfect image.

I figured out why so many Muslims are called Muhammad.

So they don't have to have their picture in the yearbook.

What was Muhammad Ali's favourite day of the year?

Boxing day

"They're stealing our jobs!"

Yes Gary, with your high school diploma.

Muhammad the neurologist is stealing your job.

Jesus and Muhammad were having an intense debate about which of their religions is stronger.

My faith moved mountains, exclaimed Jesus.

Yes, agreed Muhammad, but mine moved skyscrapers.

A Muslim man sees the face of Muhammad in a tub of margarine one day

His neighbor from Nepal looks over and says "I can't believe it's not Buddha"

How does Muhammad order his pie?


Study reveals: Muhammad was not a pedophile!

Aisha was only the name of his goat.

What did they call Muhammad Ali after he had baked beans?

Gaseous Clay

Everyone thinks Muhammad Ali was the best boxer in history, but Jim Jones had a way higher number of KO's...

900 with just one punch.

Muhammad Ali & Joe Frazier go to a Dry Cleaner.

Owner says, "Can I help you?"

They say, "How much to wash an old pair of boxers?"

What did the Prophet Muhammad call his baby sheep?


What do you call an Islamic capitalist?

Profit Muhammad

Remember that game Muhammad was talking about?

Say five allah akbars with the lights off and get arrested.

Two goats walk into a mosque....

And the priest welcomed Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Muhammad Ali to his sermon.

Why was Muhammad so Rich

He made good profit

Nasa just named a nebula after Muhammad Ali...

...Gaseous Clay

Everything's ok with Muhammad.

Aisha was only his goat.

1. Muhammad

2\. (Peace be upon him)

3\. Prophet????

Israelis and Palestinians are fighting a battle.

From the israeli side, a machine gun fires, bang bang bang bang bang bang bang.

From the Palestinian side, a rifle goes bang bang

This goes on for a bit until suddenly, the Palestinian side goes quiet.

A head pokes out of the Israeli foxhole. Hey Muhammad! You run out of ammo?


Well come on over, i'll sell you some!

What do you call Muhammad Ali with indigestion?

Gaseous Clay

What does an atheist call the meeting of Muhammad, Moses, and Joseph Smith?

A non-prophet organization

Today I posted a video of Muhammad Ali's "Rumble in the Jungle" fight in reverse.

It's the first in a series of unboxing videos.

What brand of medicine sponsored a boxer?

Muhammad Aleve

Why did the Red Cross not allow Jesus and Muhammad to volunteer?

It's a non-prophet organization.

I've started a business crafting small figurines of Muhammad.

It's making little prophets.

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