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Funniest Mufasa And Simba Short Jokes

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  1. So, I saw Simba walking today.. and he was walking too slow. So I told him "C'mon! Mufasa"!
    Edited for a bit more for clarity..
  2. Why did Simba's dad die? Because he didn't Mufasa enough!!
  3. What did Nala tell Simba after seeing a herd of women on Black Friday? "You gotta Mufasa"
  4. What was Mufasa's last word to Simba? Bison
  5. Why did Scar tell the pride Simba killed Mufasa? He was a Lion.
  6. Why did Simba's dad die? He couldn't Mufasa
  7. What do you say to Simba when he's slow? Mufasa!
    "move faster"
    heu heu heu
  8. Why is Simba slower that his dad? Because his papa mufasa.
  9. Why was Simba's dad killed by the pride? Because he didn't mufasa.

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Mufasa And Simba One Liners

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  1. Simba was moving too slowly So i told him to Mufasa
  2. Simba runs pretty slow He needs to Mufasa
  3. Simba was walking too slow... So I told him to Mufasa.
  4. Why did Simba's father die? Because he couldn't Mufasa!
  5. What did Simba say to his dad when he was walking slowly? Mufasa
  6. What do you say to Simba when he walks too slow? Mufasa!
  7. Why did Simba's dad die? Because >!he couldn't Mufasa than the stampede. !<
  8. What did Simba's father say when Simba was walking slowly? Mufasa
  9. What did I tell Simba when he was walking slow. To Mufasa.
  10. Why was Simba unable to save his dad in the Lion King? He couldnt Mufasa enough.
  11. I love the Lion King... ...but Simba is so slow.

    Sometimes I wish he'd Mufasa.
  12. Why did Simba buy a motorcycle? So he could mufasa.
  13. What did Mufasa say to Simba when he pretended to be a tiger? Grrr, I know you lion.
  14. Why did Simba's dad die? He didn't Mufasa-nough
  15. Lion King joke Q: Why is Simba an orphan?
    A: Because his dad couldn't Mufasa 'nuff

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