Mueller Jokes

What are some Mueller jokes?

A German is visiting France.

The border patrol officer asks, "name?"

Hans Mueller.


No, just visiting this time.

Why is the Mueller probe taking so long?

cuz he's not rushin'

Bob Mueller walks into a bar.

BARTENDER: "What'll you have?"
MUELLER: "Just Ice."

Did you hear that Donald sent Melania to find out about the Mueller probe?

She came back and told him it's at least eight inches.

We are making White Russians to celebrate the Mueller report release, but I can't remember the recipe.

Kahlua-sion or no kahlua-sion?

Mueller: Please tell me why you have so many suspicious Russian connections.

Trump: I have a perfectly treasonable explanation!

Robert Mueller has uncovered that Donald Trump dropped Quaaludes with the entire USSR hockey team prior to their stunning defeat to the US at the 1980 Olympics "Miracle on Ice" in Lake Placid, NY. So what's the crime in that?

Trump Quaaluded with the Russians

What does Robert Mueller like to drink?

Just ice.

What did President Trump shout at Bob Mueller when the President's golf cart sideswiped Mueller's golf cart?

No Collision! No Collision!

Robert Mueller goes before Congress..

Rhetorically, he asks who would be so low that they would sell our country and values for personal profit?

All of the republicans stand to volunteer.

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