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Bears think if you're lying down motionless, you're dead.

So everyday, the first bear to wake up thinks its entire family is dead. Tragic..

A scientist wanted to study the length of a frog's jump, he began the study by telling the frog to jump, it jumped 10 feet. He then cut off the frog's front legs and told it to jump, it jumped 5 feet. The scientist then cut off the frog's back legs.

He told it to jump once more but it remained motionless. The scientist concluded that when you cut a frog's legs off it becomes deaf.

I watched a man get cut in half in a car accident today

By the time I got to him, he was delirious, clearly in his dying moments. He glanced to his left where his lower half was lying motionless, then up at me with a look somewhere in between anger and humor, and uttered his last words:

"I am beside myself right now!"

Motionless joke, I watched a man get cut in half in a car accident today

A Touching story

one day a boy was walking home from school and saw a cat lying motionless on the sidewalk. To satisfy his curiosity the boy walked up to the cat to see if it was injured or dead. He touched the cautiously the first time but there was no response. So He touched the cat again. He continued touching, touching and touching. Like i said in the title, this is a touching story.

I ran over a child who was on his way to band practice carrying his cymbals. I'll never forget that horrible sound as I rolled past his motionless corpse.

Ba dum tiss

Panic struck, I couldn't understand why my dog was motionless...

Then I was on paws.

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